TPS084: USB Power and When Do You Need a Mix-Minus?


You’ve decided you want to record Skype interviews or a remote co-host and you’ve heard about using a mix-minus setup. How do you know if this applies to your podcast?

On this episode I talk about how to know when you need a mix-minus as well how I’m using a new piece of gear to power my mobile podcasting rig without plugging into a wall or having to throw away batteries. Anker USB Battery

There are really only two scenarios where you’ll need to setup a mix-minus for your podcast. The first one is if you want to record Skype and have the person on the other side hear your primary microphone; the mic you are using to record your podcast. In this setup, you need a mix-minus because you have to send the Skype audio back to the person on Skype minus their audio to prevent a feedback loop (hearing their own voice back). The second is if you want to do “live to hard-drive” podcast production. [Read more]

TPS083: Setting Up a Mix-Minus and Hosting Pitfalls

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How to Setup a Mix Minus for Recording Skype

Want to record Skype calls for your podcast interviews? This is how you do it. Scroll down to see a complete photo walkthrough and description of the steps demonstrated in this video.   Recording a Skype conversation or any other VOIP … [Read more]

TPS082: Zoom H6 and Crowdfunding for Podcasters

There are many ways to record your podcast. One of my favorites is directly to a digital audio recorder. The Zoom H6 is the newest in a long line of audio recorders but this one stands out amongst them all. With four truly dedicated microphone inputs … [Read more]

Recording Skype with No Mixer or Software

Recording a Skype interview for podcasting can be a tricky process. There are "easy" ways to do this such as software like Audio Hijack Pro for Mac and Pamela for Windows but they can still be hard to setup and of course anytime you're using software … [Read more]

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I'm back in The Studio after spending a week in Las Vegas attending and speaking at New Media Expo 2014 (NMX). It was, as you could probably guess, a great time. If you're a podcaster who enjoys meeting other podcasters and learning how to better … [Read more]

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