TPS Ep. 053 – Podcasting Controversies – Part 2 of my Interview with Dave Jackson

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We continue where we left off talking to Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting.

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On this episode Dave and I chat about podcasting software and how using old gear can be just as effective as buying brand new. I ask Dave what he thinks about having to have the “radio voice” sound for your podcast and how he defines success when it comes to his shows.

We touch on ideas about investing in your show and how to produce a podcast on a budget. Dave gives us some great insight about some of his attempts to monetize his podcasts and opens up the pages of his podcasting ebook to share some tips.

We wrap up by approaching some of the more controversial podcasting topics such as people who say “podcasting is dead.” And you hear why I might agree. Listen in for some great conversation about all things podcasting as I wrap up my interview with Dave.

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About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.

  • Podcasting is dead? I never though podcast existed until I found this blog and another similar to this one and I'm really inspired by the work you people do. I have some ideas and a possible niche I can talk about but I really got to improve my spoken English as I only read and write, really actual verbally speak.

  • The iTunes unsubscribe thing is easily misunderstood. iTunes will only pause a subscription if new episodes are released but the user hasn't payed any if the last five. Once the user plays one, the subscription resumes. If no new episodes are released, iTunes continues to check the feed, even if the feed is no longer valid.

    I explained this misconception more in this episode of my podcast:

  • Thanks Daniel. I can never remember how that goes, obviously;) In the end it seems like the burden is on the enduser and really there is little the producer can control. In this case that's fine. At least the feed doesn't go unchecked if the podcaster doesn't produce content for a specified amount of time. That's the important part.

  • I really never understood the purpose of pod casting. What is its main purpose?

    • Podcasting can be whatever you want it to be. A traffic builder, entertainment, marketing, educational, etc. The best way to understand it is to consume it. Go find a podcast in your area of interest (there's one for everyone) and if you don't find that you get real value out of someone else sharing their knowledge in an area you are hyper interested in, well it might not be for you;) Good luck and thanks for tuning in.

      • You maybe are right, i will find one just to check it.

        • Its basically a talking radio-blog-show. Quite a new concept for many people and pretty easy to established if you think about it. The internet can make it pretty easy…

      • True. And I have been using podcast for a very long time. Specially if I can't afford to pay per view.

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