TPS Ep. 054 – Free Audio Hosting Woes

Tweet about this on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Google+Email this to someone announces they will no longer accept audio only uploads. For the past six years or so, has been kindly hosting audio only files for free. is primarily a video site and they’re cementing that with the discontinuation of audio only uploads. Here’s the official announcement:

At we’re focused on being the best home for high quality, original, episodic, video web series. To that end, we have focused on making our upload process as easy and fool-proof as possible. For a number of years we’ve permitted the upload of non-video formats, but beginning December 13th, 2011 we will be turning off the ability to upload all audio-only formats, including MP3.

Pro accounts will still have the ability to create MP3 conversions from their source video files, but direct MP3 uploads will no longer be allowed. If you are uploading an audio only podcast, we strongly recommend using a more appropriate platform such as Libsyn or Podbean. By next week at the latest, we will begin offering an option in your Dashboard to re-direct your current feed to a new location. This will allow iTunes to move your subscribers over to your new feed and host automatically.

Thank you,

As of December 13th, 2011 no longer allows you to place your .mp3 files on their servers. This means if you hosted an audio only podcast on, you need to look for a new host for your show. Blip will be deleting any remaining audio only files that are hosted on their servers in July 2012. This means you must get your episodes off of Blip if that is the only place they live. Download them now and save them to your desktop.

Also, if you are using Blip’s feed features to deliver your podcast RSS feed (i.e. to iTunes), you will have to use their redirect tool to ensure that your listeners are not lost in the transfer.

Hear my opinions on the the Blip move as well as learn what to do if you need a new host. I also talk about my newest resource for podcasters, A great place to get your podcasting questions answered or explore the catalog of questions and answers to learn a lot about producing podcasts.

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  1. Glad to see you guys back! isn't a great lost if you ask me. There are plenty of other free services other.
    Here is a wild thought, what about youtube, I'm not the expert here, I'm just saying. Youtube has a real large potential audience.

    • Cristian, thanks. I'm glad to be back. However I would disagree that there are plenty of free options especially audio only free hosting. There used to be much more but now there are only a few and with the out of the game (the best one) there are even less.

      YouTube is not an option for podcasting. If you are creating videos then 100% you should have a YouTube account and you should be posting it there and everywhere else you can post video too. You want to get yourself in front of as many audiences as possible and YouTube is the largest.

      However, for podcast hosting, YouTube is not an option. They are flash only files and do not work in RSS feeds. Therefore you cannot use them to host your video. And they don't do audio only so you certainly can't use them for audio podcasting or even as a place to put cross post your show.

      You must have access to the raw file (m4v, mp4, etc) in order for it to work in a feed and YouTube does not give you access to that. does and that's what makes them best in the free hosting market. They also give you great stats and large limits.

      So if you need a free host for video, they are still the best option IMHO. But, they are no longer and option for audio podcasters and that is certainly a loss.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Thank you for clearing things up to me Ray. I pretty much understand now but I'm just wondering, if you choose a payed host for podcasting, will normal website hosting work?
        Let's say I'm buying host from godaddy or hostgator. Will that work?

        PS: dose have a payed podcast option?

        • Cristian,

          Technically you can use shared server hosting but most host providers (cheap website hosts) do not allow you to use it for podcasting. It's meant for your website and they consider (TOS) mp3 hosting the same as file sharing because essentially that's what you are doing. Some people do use it to host their podcasts but it's always possible that your host can ban you if doing so.

          Blip does not have a premium option that I'm aware of. The best paid podcasting hosts are Libsyn and Blubrry.

          • Sorry to interfere but as you said (Ray) not many of the host providers allow pod casting due to copyright infringements. It's normal to cover their ..backs.

          • Hi Radu, Thanks for the feedback. Primarily web hosts do not want you to use their basic web hosting plans as a host for your podcast because that is not what they are intended for. Their services are for web hosting (website) not media hosting and sharing. They see if effectively as file sharing and will likely shut you down if your show gets too many downloads which will attract their attention. So its not so much an issue of copyright (it's your content) but much more an issue of use (bandwidth). Thanks again.

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