Best Podcasting Directories – Where to Submit Your Podcast

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Whether you just started a new podcast or are looking to grow your audience, being in the best podcasting directories will make your show more visible to potential viewers.

Ranked in the order of where my shows are seeing the largest audiences, below is a list of the best podcast directories (a.k.a. podcatchers) to submit your RSS feed. itunes

  1. iTunes – Still the number one place podcasts are found. iTunes is the first place you should submit your podcast. Watch this video on how to submit your show to the iTunes store.
  2. Windows Phone 7/8 (formally Zune Marketplace) – Email your Show title and RSS feed url to [email protected] to get listed in the podcast store. Windows users can still download and use the Zune Media Player software to browse, subscribe and listen to podcasts. 
  3. Miro – The open-source podcatcher. Available for users on most major operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux).
  4. (NO LONGER WORKING) Blackberry – There are a lot of Blackberry devices (think business people and international users) still in use and podcasts do well on these devices as evidenced by the fact that it’s number four on my list. 
  5. Stitcher – A mobile podcast app, Stitcher is on the rise with lots of podcasts being consumed by its users. They’re also leading the charge to get podcasts into the car (their app now works natively inside some BMW’s).

Submitting your show to all of these directories will grow your podcast by making it available to more people searching for content they enjoy at the place they are already consuming podcasts.

About Ray Ortega

Host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable. Ray is a full-time podcast producer and enjoys sharing his ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. Ray,

    Thanks for the great information.

    If I sign up with stitcher and I'm already using Libsyn, will I have to upload each episode twice (once to sticther server and once to libsyn)?


    • John, no. Once you submit your feed to Stitcher, you're done. They will ingest new episodes from your feed automatically and transcode your audio to a lower bitrate. This means you do need to check your stats by logging in and looking at your dashboard within Stitcher. Because they take your file from your feed, views from people on Stitcher won't be included in your Lisbyn stats unfortunately. The plus side is that Stitcher has some unique stats specifically one that tells you how long people listen.

  2. Looks like you broke the Blackberry store.

  3. Great post Ray – in the Miro description, you're missing the second 'c' in podcatcher. Trivial, but I'm a stickler for that stuff too.

  4. Awesome post. Just heard of you a few days ago when I listened to one of your podcasts and am learning quite a bit. I was unable to access the Blackberry link. The page just wouldn't load. I'll try again later.

    • So glad you found me! Where did you hear about my show or where did you find it? Always good to know where people are coming from. Did the BlackBerry link work for you? It's working for me. You also have to create an account once you arrive on the page in order to submit your podcast.

  5. I did a Google search and found you there. Just started with Podcasting and enjoying it. I finally got through on the Blackberry site and submitted. Already on iTunes. I also decided to go with libsyn. I was hosting my own. I did use your code. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ray,

    I want to host my podcasts (almost 100 episodes) in Libsyn, could you tell me your affiliate code?

    Thanks for being so helpful!

    Marcio Miranda

    • Sorry for the delay Marcio. I hope you've got your show started and I appreciate you asking for my code! That's very kind. In case you haven't signed up yet the code is: PodcastHelper

      Hopefully you're off and running already;)

  7. Thanks for the info. I used Feedity ( to create a podcast feed directly from our media page and then submitted it to iTunes. I'll try the other directories soon.

  8. Hi Ray,
    We've got a new kid in town – Please have a look.
    Soon the project will become open source.


  9. Awesome list Ray, most of these lists talk about the same directories but Miro was a new one for me.

  10. Thanks Ray! I couldn't find the page to submit my podcast to Blackberry until I read your post. Much appreciated!

  11. Jessy Su says:

    Great useful list!!!

  12. Great information for podcasters. Thanks Ray for the list

  13. the windows info is no longer accurate. I just emailed them and got this reply:
    Thank you for your interest in podcasts. We are no longer supporting an active database of podcast feeds for Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8.0 or Zune. Please see the instructions below for enabling podcast discovery in Bing.

    Windows Phone 8.1
    Windows Phone 8.1 uses a Bing-enabled search mechanism to locate podcasts. To improve the search results of your podcast, add “feed:podcast” to your keywords tag within the RSS podcasts feed. Podcasts can also be located by entering the RSS feed directly into the podcast app search window.

    Improve Bing-Enabled Podcast Search Results
    By using Webmaster Tools, you can tell Bing about your site. In return, Bing Webmaster Tools tells you how well your site is performing in Bing and Bing-powered search and keeps you up to date about issues we see on your site.

    To inform us about sitemaps or RSS feeds, including those containing podcasts, follow these steps:

    1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up with Bing Webmaster Tools.

    2. Add the site that hosts the Podcast RSS/feed and verify ownership of the site.

    3. Use the Submit Sitemap tool and submit the full URL of the RSS feed containing the links to your podcasts.

    Within a few hours, you’ll see whether Bing successfully downloaded your sitemap or feed so that it can be indexed.

    • Thanks Jason, you may have misheard or misunderstood. From minute 28 till almost minute 30, I talk about Windows Phone and the info is still accurate. The information I gave about some crumbs left over from old platforms like Zune is from Rob Greenlee who used to manage podcasts on the Zune platform.

      It’s true that while it’s no longer supported, if you were in there at one point, this may be how your show is on some Windows phone apps. After that I cover, well mention, the Bing method that you outline here which is good info, thanks! Seriously, have you seen a worse implementation of making your podcast available for a platform? Congrats Microsoft, you win that one. Wow. And because they make this so difficult for the average user, I mentioned that the stats coming from Windows Phones is almost non-existent.

      From what I’ve heard, the newest Windows Phone OS does actually have a native podcast app. It likely gets it’s content from all these various methods but you can specifically submit to it which is a loss for Windows Phone users who want to listen to or discover podcasts. Let’s hope this changes some day and that WP users actually start to use their phones to consume podcast. The two things are related;)


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