Canon 80D Video Menu Setup

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The video specific menus on the Canon 80D provide lots of options for setting up your DSLR to shoot high-quality video. This tutorial is a complete walkthrough of the Canon 80D video menu settings.

I had an 80D for 30 days for testing. In the past I have reviewed the Canon 70D and I still own and film with the Canon 60D and T2i. In my opinion the 80D is currently the best crop-sensor DSLR for shooting video. Key features are the 180 degree tilt screen which allows you to see yourself while filming without the need to add an expensive and bulky monitor, good continuous auto-focus, the touchscreen for easier access to the most important settings and 1080p 60fps for smooth slow motion.

Of course no camera is the right solution for everyone and if you need 4k resolution or don’t need a rotating screen then I would likely steer you towards a Sony a6300 which is in the same price range with equally good continuous AF and 4k. But you’re likely reading this because you already have an 80D and now you want to learn how to set it up to shoot great looking video. Here you go!


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  • Hi Ray, I just got my 80D, and oyu helped me a lot with your video. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Alexander! Have fun with the 80D!

  • Aaron

    Great video! Now I can confidently set up my 80D for video. Thanks Ray!

    • Awesome! Thanks for letting me know and for watching my vids, Aaron.

  • Darwin

    Hi there why my 80d have no 1080p 60fps?

    • You are probably set to PAL not NTSC. Make the change in your menu. And also make sure you are shooting in MP4 format, not mov.

  • Hans

    Hi Ray, one of the best instructional videos I have ever seen. Logical, step by step and, most importantly for me and I am sure many other people, suitable for many levels of competence.
    Great work, you are a natural in front of a blackboard (analog or digital version).

    • Wow, thanks, Hans! That is really flattering feedback and it really helps me make future videos, knowing that this style works well for you. Thanks for watching and especially for taking the time to leave a comment.

  • Charlie Bush

    Hey Ray,
    I’m having a hard decision. I am looking for a DSLR camera and want to make sure its good quality, as I am still a beginner and am not the best at knowing whats right for me. Some features that are a MUST would be a rotating/articulating screen, capability to shoot in 1080p (and I guess 60fps, although I’m new to fps), and be decent at shooting time lapses and slow motion. I’ve done some research, and found that the Canon EOS 80D is a good option, but then again there are many cameras out there and want to make sure that I am spending my money wisely as the 80D would be around my max price range.
    Thanks for the help! – Charlie

    • Charlie Bush

      I want to quickly add that some other options I was looking at are Canon T6i, Nikon D5300, and possibly a Panasonic GH model.


      • T6i’s AF is not as good, same with the GH5 but it’s an awesome cam all around. Canon actually just announced the new M6 which actually looks pretty interesting as well and basically has the same internals of the 80D in a mirrorless body. That might be gold!

    • The newer Canon 77D is just a step down from the 80D, a little more affordable with almost equal features. Check out some reviews on YouTube.

  • Great video man, I was ready for that. Have had the 80D for a while, and now have those extra tips and some fundamentals I got wrong – now fixed. Great editing.

  • Hi Ray,
    Your instruction indeed is quite well explained, but for some reason I cannot grasp the part of how to shoot at 60 fps. I think it had to do with setting the MOV….but then what? Thanks

    • Hi, Rick. Thanks for the compliments. Once you set your camera to MP4, there is an option underneath that for changing the frame rate to 1080 60fps. Toggle to that setting, press the button on the pad and select the frame rate you want.

  • Putrayadi

    hi ray, i am yadi
    i got problems wth my 80d lately, when i shoot in video mode, its often happen changing it self to photo mode, then back again to video mode,after a few minutes it happen again n again.
    could u like to tell me how to fix it, n what is it caused, thanks much

    • That’s strange. Did you fix it? I’m not sure what the problem is. I haven’t seen that happen before.

  • Great video! Now I can confidently set up my 80D for video. Thanks Ray!

  • Hey Ray, I’m getting out of my mind: how do I change shutter speed in TV mode? None of the control buttons does it :/.

    • Hi, Filip, I feel like recently I found out, shockingly, that you shutter priority in video mode does not allow you to change the shutter and is more of an auto mode which is a strange change. I wish I had known this when I did my review but it’s not something I ever expected and don’t know why they did that. One thing you can do is to go into manual mode and then set your shutter and aperture where you want it and then set ISO to auto. This will help in vlog setups if that is what you are trying to do.

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