Change the Number of Feed Items In WordPress to Display All Your Episodes on iTunes

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If you are having an issue with iTunes, or any other podcatcher, only showing your most recent ten (10) or less episodes and you are using WordPress to feed your podcast, this is the fix for you.

Even if you are also using feedburner, changing this simple setting will allow more episodes to appear in your RSS feed and thus on iTunes, Zune, Miro, etc.

This fix works for both and people who have their own installation of WordPress on their own server.

About Ray Ortega

Host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable. Podcasting is my full time job, co-producing for a large non-profit network of podcasts. In my spare time I enjoy sharing my experience and helping others produce high quality podcasts.


  1. drachlin says:

    This was the final piece of the puzzle for me after I migrated over to from Posterous and needed to find out how to see all my podcasts on iTunes! Thanks so much for all your help. This video is probably one of the only things about how to adjust this that I found. I'm going to tweet it too!

    Dana In Vermont

    Host of the "Hawaii Five-0" Podcast and Blog Review "Hawaii In Vermont"
    Available at iTunes and at
    Twitter handle: @websouffle
    FB Pg:
    [email protected]

    • Dana,
      That's great news! How timely;)

      I made this video because someone asked me the question on twitter and I know that they are not the only one who will run into this problem.

      So I thought a video that I could point to would really help and I'm so glad that it's already made an impact. Thanks for tweeting about it, commenting and listening to the show.

      • drachlin says:

        Hi Ray,
        I just put up a little banner to link to this site on my blog at

        If you have something better you would like people to link to please let us know here on your site and you can send it to me via email too !

        Thank you kindly!
        Dana In Vermont

  2. topicsinkoreanhistory says:

    Hey you mentioned in this tutorial that your feed should only have the podcast .mp3s in it. My wordpress blog posts usually have a bunch of images with them and so these images also show up in my feedburner feed. How can I edit them out so the feed only shows .mp3 files?

    Thanks for your help :)

    • If your images are in the same post as your mp3 (i.e. your post for any particular podcast episode) then they are going to show up in your feed. You can however, try going into your WordPress settings and changing to feed display option "summary." Go to Settings > Reading > "for each article in a feed show" Summary.
      This will include only a small portion of text in your feed. If the images in your posts are very large in size then it's a good idea to do this. However, in general, I have a small image in each of my podcast posts and it doesn't create a problem. Feedburner however will stop working when your feed exceeds 512k in size. Not including so much text and images in your feed will help you fit more in.

  3. topicsinkoreanhistory says:

    Hmm ok thanks a lot for the response. If I choose summary, what will show up instead? Will it for sure still show the link to the .mp3? Usually the .mp3 link is in the top section of my posts.

    Where can I check the size of my feed? Do all posts on my wordpress blog show up on my feedburner feed? Like, if I post images in seperate posts from my .mp3s will I still hit this 512k size limit?

    If thats the case, it seems like a really frustrating restriction because its really important for me to be able to have a bunch of media on the blog to go along with the audio….

    For reference, the feed is:
    and the blog hosting it is:

    Thanks again for your help. I'm really glad I found this site its already helped me with several things.

    • Summary is just what it says. A short blurb about your episode. I think it's the first 250 characters of your entry text or something like it. Just give it a shot then look at your feed and see if that works for you. You can easily change it back.

      Certainly though, having all those large images in your feed will create a problem very quickly. You will use up that 512k size in no time at all so you don't have much choice. It won't impact anything negatively. For the most part nobody looks at the feed. If someone is subscribed by email they might not see all the images in their email but of course there will be a link to the post on your website so it will be easy for them to click through and see all the images. Most people do not subscribe this way anyways.

      You .mp3 file is in the "enclosure" section of your post so it will always be there. You can see all this by looking at your original feed, the one Feedburner is pulling from. You can also see it by viewing your Feedburner feed in a browser but you'll see any changes you make immediately by looking at the original feed. Feedburner takes some time to catch up with changes.

      As far as all posts showing up in your Feedburner feed, that depends on which feed you gave FB. You should always have a podcast only feed. So the only thing that shows up in your feed should be podcast episodes. You accomplish this by putting all your podcasts into their own category and then giving FB that feed. I have a tutorial in the tutorial section that will show you this works.

      Thanks for the compliment on the site. I'm glad it's helping you along in your podcasting efforts. That's what I'm trying to accomplish;)

  4. Have you experienced the problem where one person's iTunes shows all the episodes of a podcast, but someone else's iTunes doesn't?

    I have some friends that can't get iTunes to show all episodes of my podcast, Critical Wit. And yet, I can get it to work. We both updated our iTunes accounts. We both deleted and re-subscribed to the podcasts. My brother and a friend of mine can see the available episodes, but my wife and some friends can not.

    I'm assuming it's an iTunes problem, but not sure what the remedy is for it?

  5. WHOOOOOPSS…I feel like giving you a bottle of fine wine. You are just too much. I have researched over all the blogs and most of them kept saying trash until I watched your video. God bless you and this solve my issue. God bless you richly. I am subscribing to all your feeds and subscription right away. People like you are a blessing to the internet space. Love you….hehehehe


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