How to Check the Size of Your RSS Feed

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If your RSS feed stops updating and you are using Feedburner, it’s likely that your feed size has become too large. Feedburner stops updating feeds when the size of your original feed is larger than 512 KB.

This video shows you how to check the size of your Feedburner feed so that you can avoid having your feed interrupted. Once your feed size goes back to being less than 512 KB’s, Feedburner will continue to update and deliver your RSS feed to your subscribers.

You can also reduce the amount of items in your feed to help prevent feed interruptions.

Check your feed’s size at

About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.

  • Hi Ray, thanks for the pointer on how to check the RSS feed size. What's the link to the site?

    • Ileane, thanks. The website to check your feed size is I'll edit the write up with a hyperlink.

      • Ray, my friend Justin from DragonBlogger is having this problem with is RSS feed right now, and he was not able to resolve his issue by reducing the number of items going to his feed. I suggested that he check out Feedblitz, which is a nice alternative to FeedBurner and they have come up with a fix for this problem. If you haven't heard about Feedblitz yet, you can check them out and here's more about how they resolve the 512 kb limit from their blog… Hope this helps!

    • Ileane thanks for the link. That's nice that they have an auto truncate feature which will save you from having your feed interrupted. I'm familiar with Feedblitz because I have one of my clients setup with it to deliver email subscriptions.

      When delivering subscriptions via email, in the case of video podcasts, the video will not show up in most email clients. So Feedblitz automatically generates a clickable thumbnail from a YouTube embed and displays it as an image in the email instead of a missing element. They are the only ones providing this which makes them very handy for video podcasters who have email subscriptions available to their viewers.

      • Ray, I'm glad you mentioned the YouTube thumbnail. I took a look at the FeedBlitz feed I have set up for my YouTube vids and I saw the thumbnail just like you said.
        That got me curious and I started looking at all of my feeds and I noticed something else I'd like to share. In some of my blog posts I include the YouTube video using one of two plugins. The first one is Viper Video Quicktags and the other is But when I look at the blog feed it would have a link to the video, but on a Blogger blog feed, the entire video appeared. So I submitted a Support ticket over at FeedBlitz and after talking to Phil Hollows he mentioned that when I use the full embed code from YouTube (instead of inserting the url with the plugins) the video will appear in the feed not the link.

        Now of course this won't help anyone getting the feed by email (unless they use Gmail), but it's just one more thing about feeds that I learned and I wanted to share in case anyone else is wondering what the deal is. It's also another example of how nice it is to have Feedblitz with a real person doing support that you can reach out to. Goodness knows I never would have found that answer in the FeedBurner forum.

        Thanks Ray! Looking forward to your next podcast.

        • Yes I always use the regular html embed code which also makes sure that my video will be html5/iOS friendly by using the <iframe> version of the embed. Less plugins to rely on as well. But that is good to know. And yes, Phil is great. It really helps to be able to get an answer;) Thanks again, Ileane.

  • topicsinkoreanhistory

    thanks 🙂

    turns out my feed was is only 6kb so I have a long ways to go!

  • I had to look up what is the original address of feed in Blogger. Turns out my main blog hosted on blogger is 32.76 KiB, still good right?

  • Good piece of information thanks for sharing.

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