TPS Ep. 007 – Marketing Your Podcast

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Promoting your podcast can take just as much time as it takes to produce a single episode and really it’s a never ending process. However, this is an essential part of growing your community.

On this episode learn the various techniques that have worked for me over the years of producing several different podcasts.

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About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. Love the shows Ray! You cut out the crap and get into the meat and potatoes. Would love to see a blog post or perhaps a video or podcast on what hardware you are using. I always find that interesting. Keep up the super work!

  2. thepodcastersstudio says:

    Wow Steven, great comment! Thanks so much. In every talk I do about podcasting I try to give as much useful information as possible. I see people taking notes and I want them to be able to walk away with stuff they can actually use.

    I try to do this with my show as well. To provide the best methods and tools possible to would be podcasters or established podcasters and without too much non-relevant information getting in the way.

    Thanks again for the comment. I will definitely look into doing a video all about the gear I use. Gear shows are actually my personal favorite and in fact this website started with that in mind. I hope to film my own studio as well as other podcaster's studios as well.

    Also on episode 2 I talk about the different gear and software options and I'm sure I talked about some of my own.



  3. Great show indeed,

    Personally I noticed that referencing your podcast in Forum Signatures works really well !

    For example, I have a (dutch) macintosh video tutorial podcast and I do visit / post a lot on a few dutch Macintosh related sites & forums. Since I have a reference in my signature to the podcast, I notice that more and more people start to know the podcast exists.

    Of course you should only do that when posting to sites / forums that fit the niche of your podcast.



    • Stefaan,

      Great comment, thanks so much for participating. I completely agree with your tip (re: signatures). I think you should always be adding content to others forums, blogs, etc. and then having your info. in your sig. line. I think this is also important and helpful to have in all your emails. It's simple and relatively unobtrusive. Thanks again for the compliment on the show and the comment here at the site!

  4. A little tip to dove tail on your Itunes tip, I call it the Magic Circle of Friends. To start off, I like to do a round of Paying it Forward (Some may call it modeling actions you would like to come back to you), and give a show I like an Itunes review, send the show an email, comment on a most recent episode, then when a topic comes up that I can comment on, send a voice feedback. Multi-pronged podcast love ( ). Then, when I go back to the website of the podcast that I like, I look on the sidebar, which normally has a list of shows they like, too. I do the same thing for all of those shows. Obviously, I do one at a time, so it will be a nice surprise which will take them by surprise. Then when I've done that, I… Oh, I'll save some tips for later. Keep up the great work.

  5. Man, you certainly like talking! You're great to listen to, but my goodness, we don't all have several hours to hang out with you on podcast. I agree with the other poster: let's have more of the meat and potatoes, and less standing around with the plate in your hand talking to us, because so much in this podcast was so useful. I've been making notes and will profit from them. Onto the next one …

    • Haha thanks Kate…I think;)

      Perhaps Podcast Quick Tips would fit your liking and schedule better. That is my short format show. TPS is intended to go more in depth for the listener who enjoys long format. The best part of podcasting however is the fast forward button or you might have a device that allows you to listen at 2x the speed;)

      Since you might only be on Episode 7 (a very early) episode, I suspect you will find that my technique gets much better. I do all I can to get to the point and give people what they came for however I don't do that at the price of being dry and lifeless.

      Thanks much for listening to the show. There is a tremendous amount of info in each episode as I think you are finding out but if you have the time it's basically every single piece of info you would get if you hired me by the hour. So it's consulting for free! The only price is time.


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