How To Use WordPress and Feedburner to Create a Podcast Ready RSS Feed (I NO Longer Recommend Using FeedBurner)

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UPDATE: I no longer recommend the use of FeedBurner. It’s old tech that easily breaks and is no longer necessary IMO. To create a valid, podcast ready RSS feed, my recommendation is to use or host with and use the PowerPress plugin with WordPress. If for some reason you find yourself having to use FeedBurner, maybe you are using for your website, then this tutorial will help with that.

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In this tutorial I show you how to create a podcast ready RSS feed using either or your own installation of wordpress. I combine the power of wordpress and its ability to create as many feeds as you want, along with Feedburner to make a valid RSS feed for your podcast.

Part 2

Using WordPress and Feedburner to feed your podcast allows you a lot of control over what is in your feed and how your feed will appear on podcast directories such as itunes, Zune, Miro and anywhere else you submit your podcast.

About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. Wonderful content! I'm just having a few differences and wonder if they might be easily addressed.
    1. My podcast is a video podcast.
    2. When I view my feed, either as a category or the whole blogsite, the videos display as links rather than mp4 files.
    any need to resolve these differences?

  2. Also, in Chrome on my PC, I had to install an rss recognizer plugin to get the rss logo to appear in the address bar. When I click on it, the feed appears asking which reader I want to subscribe in, but does not display the feed url in the address bar. No problem here, I could just write out the address manually.

    On my mac in Safari, when I hover over the rss logo in the address bar, I get no choices for categories, and when I click on it, making sure that I have selected the category on my blog website, it does not display a feed for just the category. It displays the feed for the whole page.

    So, I'm almost with you, but not quite.
    Can you help?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Ray,
    I've just followed your tutorial on this, and it was great, thank you.
    But I'm now having problems Submitting my podcast to iTunes, it comes up with this message:
    "itunes podcast having difficulty downloading episodes from your feed"

    Do you know how I could correct this please?

    The feed is:

    Many thanks.


    • Hi Rebecca. I'm not even showing a feed at that feedburner address. Looks like something went wrong in your feedburner setup or perhaps you deleted it already? Use to check the status of your feed but also check your feedburner address again, something is wrong with the link you listed here. Also if you are on WordPress I would not use Feedburner. Use the Powerpress plugin instead. Thanks!

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