TPS Ep. 063 – Libsyn Updates and Insights into iTunes, Podcast Stats and Hosting.

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Rob Walch from Wizzard Media and joins us once again to talk about all the recent improvements to podcast hosting on Libsyn.

Even if you don’t have a Libsyn account or don’t plan to have one anytime soon, you’ll still want to listen as Rob provides many great insights into iTunes, podcasting statistics, hosting and more.

The most recent upgrades to Libsyn include improved stats, an HTML 5 player, and On-Publish which allows you to easily cross post your podcast episodes across your favorite social networks and media platforms.

Get a free month of Libsyn hosting with a new account!

Do you need a reliable host for your audio or video podcast? Consider moving your show to (my chosen host) and get your first month free when you use promo code: podcasthelper at checkout.

Links mentioned in this episode

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Today in Podcasting (episode I guest hosted)
HTML5 Player – Info
OnPublish – Blogger Tutorial
OnPublish – WordPress Tutorial
OnPublish – WordPress Video
OnPublish – Facebook Tutorial
OnPublish – Facebook Video
Facebook App – Adding to fanpage
Libsyn blog

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  1. Hey Ray, Homeland season two premieres Sunday, Sept. 30th on Showtime. It's been a long wait.

  2. Hi Ray, I really enjoyed this episode and I learned a ton from you and Rob. It's great to know that I can publish directly to Blogger now and cool to hear Rob say that he's going to start up a Blogger blog. Don't get me wrong, I love WordPress, but I always keep a Blogger blog or two handy and this gives me a good excuse to start a new one.
    Good tip about not using the ittp link, I know a couple of podcasters who recommend using this but now I know better.

    If I sign up for Libsyn, I'll be sure to use your promo code Ray. Thanks so much!

  3. Didn't know about libsyn, seems really great and 5 bucks per month to get you started is really decent from my point of view. The website host is included?

  4. trafficsafetyguy says:

    HI Ray, just a note for you – I just listened to this episode (Going back to older episodes) I went to the OnPublish links in your show notes, to get more info on the Facebook App, and now none of the links work. Probably because of the upgrade Libsyn did a few months ago.


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