Podcasts Are Coming to Google!

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Google is getting their own podcast directory and they want you to submit your podcast nowgplay

In exciting news, Google is finally jumping back into podcasts by announcing that podcasts will be added to Google Play Music.

“Podcasts” and “Google” are not two words that have gone together very well over the last five or so years since the demise of the Google Listen app which was just so-so anyway. Well they’re back and it sounds like they’re all-in.

This is great news for podcast producers and hopefully many, many new podcast fans to come.

In this short interview with Google Play Music Products Manager, Elias Roman, Rob Walch from Libsyn gets the details of the announcement. You’ll want to listen so you can hear it in Elias’ own words but the key points are listed here:

  • Google thinks they can bring podcasts to people who don’t yet know about podcasts thus opening up the market to a whole new audience.
  • The podcast directory will be inside the Google Play Music app and will be cross-platform (Apple, Android, Desktop, and others).
  • Initial launch will be in the U.S. only and limited to Android devices but it will be “everywhere” soon.
  • Google will ingest your audio and video files and re-encode them to their own specs.
    • Specs unknown at this point.
    • No ads will currently be placed around or in your content.
  • Stats will be available via their user interface and there will be an API available which means media hosts like Libsyn and blubrry should be able to receive stats as well.
  • Because it’s cross-platform, you’ll be able to use the app on your chosen device (when released) and you’ll have the ability to make sure your show is displaying and working properly inside Google Play Music, for free.
  • Podcast content may or may not become searchable by Google in the future. Let’s hope this happens.
  • We’ll get direct links to our show inside Google Play Music which means we can easily add subscribe buttons on our own websites.
  • Google is indeed calling a podcast, a podcast!

One additional thought about Google getting podcasts. If you are a YouTuber, you are likely familiar with Google’s Content ID system. This is an algorithm that listens to all your videos and flags your content when it recognizes copyrighted music. This could become a big issue for podcasters on Google Play Music.

They haven’t said that Content ID will be employed but I can’t imagine that it won’t and if your show has music in it that you don’t own, have the rights to or is cleared through Google, you’ll likely get flagged and need to remove those episodes or music or else get booted out of their directory.

Now would be a good time to fix that issue if you are using music that is not your own. And if you aren’t sure whether or not you can use the music, best policy would be to simply not use it.

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  1. Thanks for the to-the-point info!

    I think it’s a good opportunity and am looking forward to seeing what they do with it. One thing I’m hoping for is something similar to Google Analytics that lets you really find out about who is downloading and listening.

  2. kevin conway says:

    Hi, for 24 years I have hosted a jazz/Sinatra radio show on various listener supported stations – KUNR Reno, KFSR Fresno and now KDVS Davis.

    Can you please tell me if there would be any legal problems doing the show as a podcast from my home?

    Thank you.

    • I’m definitely not a lawyer;) Look up Gordon Firemark. He is a new media attorney and can probably answer your question. He has been on my show before. But it also probably depends on your employer and what they’ll allow you to do.

  3. why not use PodBean? They look a lot cheaper and offer stats too and an app as well? are the stats with Libsyn really that much better?

    • The shallow, easy answer is that I’ve never really heard good things about Podbean. More importantly I’ve heard of many bad experiences. Some people use them and have no problems but most find out they need to move at some point and that is not always a smooth process. Might was well plan better for a successful, long lasting podcast future.

      Often times you get what you pay for. From what I know their stats pale in comparison to what you get at Libsyn or blubrry. And even if they provided the same metrics, which they don’t, I would not trust them to be as accurate. Libsyn and blubrry have worked very hard over the years to develop the best filters that accurately reflect your true audience.

      It also sounds like they are prone to being “down” more often, meaning your podcast cannot be listened to because they are having network issues.

      They might also prohibit you from doing 3rd party advertising on your show. You’d have to look more into it if you ever had any kind of promotional item on your show but the bottom line is they shouldn’t be telling you what you can and cannot do with your content.

      Lately they have also been spamming people’s email with multiple promotional emails which also make false claims about podcasts on their platform. It’s easy to know they are lying because the numbers they are claiming don’t even exist in all of podcasting. This is a real red flag to be for many reasons. Add to that, it’s very hard to tell who they even are. Who is behind the company. They are not in the community the same way Libsyn and blubrry are which makes customer service and trust much more difficult in my opinion.

      The system can work but again, just too many non desirable traits I’ve seen over the years for me to go and align my name with them.

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