PQT – iTunes Store Approval Times for Podcast RSS Feeds

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How long does it take before a podcast RSS feed is accepted into the itunes store once you have submitted it?

When you’ve submitted your podcast to itunes and its not showing up in the itunes catalog, many podcasters start to worry that they did something wrong. So what do you do once you have submitted your RSS feed to itunes but it’s not showing up in the itunes store?

The answer is patience. In order to make sure your podcast has been submitted and is in the process of being reviewed, make sure you received the confirmation email that tells you that indeed your podcast RSS feed has been submitted to itunes. You should receive this email shortly after you submit your valid podcast feed.

Wait times for getting your podcast approved can be as long as 3 weeks or as quick as 30 minutes. Once your podcast has been reviewed by someone at apple (yes someone actually looks and/or listens to your podcast) you will receive an email telling you that your podcast has been accepted and the same email will contain very important information about your show such as links that you can use to find your show on the web and on itunes.

Make sure you save this email and archive it somewhere you will remember and access easily because almost certainly you will be looking for it again to use the important information contain within the email about your show.

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  1. Ray,

    on my end, your latest podcast volume is very low, its not so consumable.

    Just wanted you to know,

  2. Byron,

    Thanks for the feedback. Things seem to sound great here on my end on two different computers and an ipad. Im able to listen at halfway volume and hear it OK across the room. Please see if you are still having the issue on other computers too if you can. I'll also check and see if others are having issues. Thanks again for the feedback.

  3. reformedcast says:

    My two podcasts (one audio, one video) took about a day to three days before approval on Itunes. I guess mileage varies…

    • Yes, exactly. It varies because itunes has real people actually look at your podcast to make sure it's appropriate and of course not violating their terms of service. This is why I always encourage people to submit a promo as soon as they know they are going to be starting a podcast. That way, when they are ready to officially launch on itunes, everything will be approved and ready to go and there will be no wait time.

      Good luck with your show(s). Stay in touch, thanks for the feedback!

  4. Hey if you;re podcast is not accepted do they tell you as well?
    I'm worried because It says my podcast is clean and it MAY BE explicit (Hardly)
    will I get denial email?


    • Hi Harv,

      If they reject your submission that I'm pretty sure they tell you so. Either way you should get an email.

      As for the approval process nobody knows for sure how deep they go so it will just depend on if they listen very far and if they find anything they deem offensive. If they deny you then you can always resubmit as explicit or remove the bad parts and resubmit.

  5. Are you saying that it can take up to 3 weeks to get a confirmation email?

    • You should get a confirmation of submission shortly after submitting. Make sure your proper email address, one that you have access to, is in your RSS feed.

      Someone at Apple will actually look at your podcast submission to make sure you are submitting what you say you are and then once approved you will receive another email. Or a rejection email. Because an actual human handles this approval process, timing is different but I doubt it will take longer than a few days. They are pretty quick these days.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        It’s been 3 days since I submitted the podcast feed. No confirmation. When I submitted I saw the panel with graphic etc. Checked emails under my Apple ID.

        Tried to resubmit. error message that the feed had already been submitted.

        So, if no confirmation, is there a place to go to request a new confirmation email?

        Any help would be appreciated.

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