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YouTube took a page out of the podcasting playbook and released a one-click subscription button that you can place on your website (see mine in the sidebar on the right).

While YouTube is not podcasting because you cannot host and place your hosted files into an RSS feed, I do recommend that those podcasters who have the time, attempt to leverage YouTube as a platform for your audio podcast.YouTube

YouTube is currently (as of 2013) the second largest search engine. Obviously if you’re a video podcaster being on YouTube is a no-brainer. However if you’re an audio podcaster wondering what YouTube may have to offer, try thinking about small segments of your audio only show that might make for good video.

You can start by making helpful videos that teach something (a quick tip), perhaps do a quick product review or feature a particular story that you think could be enhanced by getting in front of the camera to tell it.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head and certainly there are countless ways you could dip your foot into video.

Google Hangouts On-Air are also another avenue for easily getting into video and live-streaming at the same time. Check out Podcasters’ Roundtable to see how I’m using the platform for my niche.

So if you have a channel already and are creating content for it (congrats) go get your subscribe button for your website and make it even easier for anyone to get your content.

Links mentioned on this episode:

Google page for creating your YouTube Subscribe Button

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