PQT – Make Full Use of Your Resources

Whenever possible ask friends, family to help you out with your show. Podcasting requires many resources most of which is your time and energy. If you have friends or family that are willing to help you produce your show even if just once in awhile, it creates more time for you to create new content instead of focusing too much on marketing, production and whatever else you have to do to grow your show.

This is especially helpful for video podcasters. Having someone to help you monitor audio and other things occurring on set can really help the production values of your video podcast.
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TPS Ep. 013 – Free Audio Editing Solutions

GarageBand waveformThere are many ways to record and edit your podcast.

In this episode I cover some of the best free solutions out there available to podcasters.

I talk about products such as Audacity, Garageband, and host of great web based solutions presented by Aviary.

I also talk a little about audio compression/encoding including a very useful tip for using itunes to spice up your podcast audio file.

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TPS Ep. 005 – Feedburner for the Podcaster

On this edition of The Podcasters Studio Ray talks about the importance of using Feedburner if you are a podcaster.

Feedburner.com, recently purchased by Google, is service that allows you to customize your feed. Once you have a feed for your show, head on over to Feedburner.com and burn your feed. Doing so will allow you to create a valid feed that is recognize across all platforms as well as providing you the necessary enclosures for itunes submission.

Along with a valid feed and itunes compatibility, feedburner allows you to dress up your feed and include graphics, links to various sites like Digg.com, twitter, and much more. Maybe one of the most important features is allowing your viewers the ability to subscribe to your podcast via email.

Tune in and listen to what feedburner can do for you and why it’s a must have if you are a podcaster. Don’t delay because this step should be taken before you launch your very first episode!

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