TPS Ep. 045 – Libsyn Launches a New Monetization Model for Podcasters – An Interview with Rob Walch

Wizzard Media recently announced that they are implementing a new program that will allow podcast producers, with any account, to monetize their content. A basic Libsyn account can be purchased for as little as five dollars a month which would give you access to the subscription service.

Each Libsyn account will have the option to create a subscription based webpage on which a producer can add bonus content (audio, video, etc.), deliver their back catalog, or write premium blog posts. The decision on exactly how to monetize the content is completely up to the individual producer. You also get to decide how much or how little you want to charge for access to your premium content.

Revenue from subscriptions will be split 60-20-20. Sixty percent of the profit will go to the podcast producer with Libsyn and MediaPass getting the additional fourty percent split between them. Partnering with Wizzard/Libsyn to deliver your content in this manner saves you the trouble of setting this up on your own and managing subscriptions.

While this is not paid access to your feed, you can integrate this model with your current podcast corresponding feed by limiting the number of free episodes you keep in your public catalog. For example, if you have 100 episodes, you can make the most recent 50 episodes available for free via iTunes or any other podcatcher. This is done by limiting the number of <items> that show up in your feed.

New subscribers could then access all previous episodes (1-50) by subscribing to your premium page (you set the price) at This is just one way to integrate a paid model into your podcast.

This is another great opportunity for podcasters to be able to start seeing profits from their efforts. If you want to get started, contact Rob Walch at or and express your interest in getting started with a subscription model for your podcast.

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