TPS 080: Replacing Podcasts After They’re Published

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Are you waiting to publish your podcast until you’ve gotten everything just right? Stop. Just publish. You’re ready.

I’ve seen more than one podcast delayed by perfection. The first thing to understand is you’ll never be perfect. This episode is a good example of that. In TPS 79: An Alternative to Skype, I left out a very important point but I went back and corrected it on this episode.HOA logo

One of the cool things about podcasting is it’s not perfect and when you make a mistake or figure out how to do something better, you can fix it or update in your next episode. Podcasts are, by definition, episodic in nature meaning they follow a common theme and often tell a story over time. Your podcast is that story and it will never be complete. The journey is the fun part.

Do your best to produce a great sounding podcasting with fantastic content and your audience will enjoy what you’re doing. I tell people all the time to “grow as you go.” Put in your best effort and your show will improve with every episode but you can’t get any better until you actually publish.

If you do record an episode that has an error that absolutely must be fixed, you can simply replace the episode in your feed (Libsyn makes this easy with a “replace” feature) or fix the error on your next episode. I discuss your options for doing so more in depth in this episode.

Also discussed on TPS 79 was how to use G Plus Hangouts as a replacement for Skype to do interviews or connect with co-hosts. On this episode, I give you an audio sample to hear the quality you can get from using Hangouts. Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting joins me to test Hangouts and I think you’ll agree the results equal great sounding audio.

Finally, I discuss a question that was asked over on the G Plus Podcasters Community about ID3 artwork. In short, the image that you place into your individual episode file (mp3) should be no larger than 200kb to prevent issues with podcatchers loading your episode. I use either a 300×300 or 600×600 jpeg that is less than 200kb in size.

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