TPS Ep. 004 – Blogging for the Podcaster

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On this edition of The Podcasters Studio I talk about the importance of having a blog site for your podcast.

Having a podcast is not enough. Sure you can let your show live only in places like iTunes or Youtube but what about those times when you want to send a viewer or a potential viewer to one site to get all the information about your show? That’s what a blog is for.

On a blog you can post each episode of your show along with show notes which outline some of the most important topics you talked about in your episode. These notes (i.e. text) also make your show more search engine friendly so that when people on the internet are searching for the type of content you are producing, you are most likely to show up in their results.

These are just a couple reasons why each podcaster should have a blog site to supplement their podcast and it doesn’t have to cost anything but a little of your time. Find out all about your options, including free suggestions, for your blog, on this episode of The Podcasters Studio.

About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.

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