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  1. Ray, Thanks for the review of SoundCloud. I'm familiar with SoundCloud through a friend who is a musician and regularly puts up new music tracks that he has composed. One of the unique features of SoundCloud is the ability to add comments right into the track at a particular time mark. This could be a benefit to some podcasters, particularly podcasts that cover multiple topics. Even in this TPS episode, if it was in SoundCloud, I would have commented at the 12 minute mark that Gene should use a lapel microphone, not a shotgun microphone. For most podcasters, a more typical media service like Libsyn with a WordPress blog may still be the best approach.

  2. Bob thanks for the feedback. I have noticed the ability to insert comments like you mentioned. I could see where this could be both a good thing and bad. I'm partial to a clean looking player and can be bugged but seeing all the comments pop up but it's nice for the listeners to have such a feature as well. I think I still prefer to have a clean player and use a commenting section like this. But I can see the benefits as well.

    I agree with your advice for Gene on using a lapel mic. This will keep the mic in place no matter where how he moves around and of course it won't matter if the camera is facing him or not, he'll have nice clean audio the entire time.

    Thanks again for listening.

  3. baslerfamily says:

    Bob, and Ray: Thanks for the feedback. As long as the sun's right, I can keep my back to the wind, protecting the lav from the wind. The audio of the camera, when facing me, would be right into the wind, so I'd have to do a mashup (did I use that term correctly?). So I'd need that Pluraleyes program, wouldn't I?

    • If you have a lav plugged into the cam then all your audio will go right to tape and there should be no reason to have to do any syncing in post and thus no reason to buy pluraleyes. Pluraeyes is for recording audio that is not going into the camera. If you are using a separate audio recorder to capture your audio then PE makes it easier in post production when you have to line up that audio track(s) with your video.

  4. Gene, that's no glitch, it's a setting that I just changed today but because of your feedback I have changed it back. I changed the front page to display only excerpts because posts such as the most recent (blog about web hosting) take up so much of the page that a new visitor doesn't see much of the other content without scrolling a long way down. However I don't want people to get cut off from the audio like you did so I put it back. However you if you do ever get cut off again, you don't have to listen all over. You can fast forward by placing the playhead anywhere you want in the player once it's fully loaded. So you can always go back to where you were.

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