TPS Ep. 048 – Audio Only Live Streaming Via Mixlr And Podcast Myths

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Have you ever wanted to live stream your podcast in an audio only player? Finally a solution that caters to audio only podcasters has arrived in the form of A live streaming, audio only applicationavailable for both PC and Mac.

Live streaming your podcast as you record can be another great way to interact with your audience, allowing them to participate live in chat rooms with you and other audience members.

I have fielded many questions from people who were looking for an audio only live

streaming player to put on their site and now we finally have one. offers podcasters a simple application that is easy to use, looks great and adds minimal work to your current podcast production setup. You simply point the mixlr app at your audio input source, check your levels and go live.

One of the most powerful features that mixlr brings is the ability to be used with iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, etc). Sites like and other live streaming services which are video based don’t work with iOS devices (the Ustream app only has a fraction of the content available on Ustream). This means that your show can now be live streamed via any device that can browse the web. You can now be in the car with your audience (live) offering your content which is often a much better choice than what’s on traditional radio.

Another great feature is the ability to embed the mixlr player right onto your Facebook Fan Page. Simply put the link to your mixlr page, for any live episode, into the link section and Facebook will embed the mixlr live streaming player right onto the page so that all your “fans” can listen right there on Facebook.

There are many great options that provides to the audio podcaster but the main one is simple, a service designed specifically for audio only and we’ve been waiting for that for a very long time. Browse over and get your account today (before all the good names are taken;)). And don’t forget to friend me when you get there.

Also on this episode I ask my twitter community to share some of their #PodcastMyths. We’ve all heard that “you need an iPod to podcast” or “you can’t get good audio from a USB mic.” These are myths that continue to float around the podcasting community and so we had a little fun and listed some of the most common myths we’re still hearing today and I tell you why they are indeed #PodcastMyths.

Tweet your own podcasting myths to @PodcastHelper and use the hashtag #PodcastMyth.

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Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. Daniel M. Clark says:

    Mixlr looks interesting, and the quality of the streams that I listened to was great. If my computer has the horsepower to do both Ustream and Mixlr… hm. Looks like I've got some testing to do tonight 😀

    I've just started using Ustream – which does work (sort of) on iOS devices. In mobile Safari, live streams pop in a player. Click 'done' and you're returned to the page you clicked from. Saved videos are still Flash and won't play, but live streams work. They're working on the rest, which is nice.

    • Thanks for the info on the Ustream via iOS. I am just really happy to see someone finally cater to audio only for those who have been looking for a solution (hand raised high). I'm very excited about it as you can probably tell. The UI feels like it was designed by Apple which in terms of UI is a good thing;)

      The app, from what they're telling me, is fairly lean so it should work OK for you if you want to stream both via mixlr and Ustream. I look forward to hearing your results.

      Thanks for the feedback Daniel!

  2. Daniel M. Clark says:

    Also, the Ustream iOS app includes everything now, it seems. My channel is new, has only had 25 views (testing) so far, but it still comes up in the app when you search for it (qaqn live). If it was once limited to channels they selected, that seems to have changed now.

    • Fantastic, that's good news. I know just very recently I had tried to find our channel at work during a live stream with no luck. So I'm glad to hear it sounds like they have most if not all people on board. Thanks again for the info. I should of researched that deeper but I was too pumped to get on the mic and talk about mixlr. Audio only via Ustream is still a "hack" anyway (i.e. not intended & perhaps uses more resources) and I'm happy that we have someone dedicated to audio only needs. I hope they become the Ustream of audio-only but unfortunately I don't think there is a big enough market. That said you never know. We can only hope they stick around.

  3. Hello Ray! Great article here. Its nice to know that we can embed MixLr on facebook, but I didn't see where I can embed MixLr on my personal website. Of course I very well could have missed it, I will listen to your Pcast on this subject in the hopes of hearing what I would like too hear! (lol) Keep up the fine work sir! Between you and Daniel I have found 'just' what I was loking for…Thank you very much!

    Michael Ian Henry…Host of Live from Roswell.

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for the feedback. Installing the a mixlr player on your own site is pretty easy. Just login and in the upper right hand corner of the page you'll see a tab for "widgets."

      Select "website or blog" and the code will be created for you. Then simply embed into your site.

      I hope that helps!

  4. If you have any tips on similar apps or services for people living in the Android world, I'd love to find out about them.

  5. jollyirishman says:

    I need help!!! I've been doing a live podcast using google hangouts and mixlr. The only way to get the audio from the hangout to mixlr is to have the input on hangouts set to soundflower (ch2) and have any input set to that on mixlr. Then the only way to hear the other person on the hangout is to monitor through mixlr using my mixer for monitoring input. The issue when I do this is a very horrible echo the effects how I speak. I end up slowing down my speech because the echo is throwing me off. Is there anyway to do this without hearing the echo? By the way I use a Alesis Multimix 4 and a macbook pro.

    • It gets difficult when "wires" are running everywhere but try sending the Hangout to your mixer and then everything back out to Mixlr. You'll be able to monitor the Hangout and yourself inside the mixer. Use an Aux send like I show in my mix-minus video to send audio input back to Hangouts and then send the total mix (via main mix out) to mixlr.

  6. Looks and works great. Thanks for tips. My live page:
    In my opinion

    easy to use
    broadcast form smarphone, tablet, PC
    embed on website with live show

    “sell your content” to server you not own
    no RSS
    No mp3 file to download (F12 in chrome resolves that 🙂
    no player on facebook or twitter

    • Thanks for the feedback and pro and con breakdown, Borys. Your page looks great, I love their clean look. Live is for the most dedicated of your listeners any way, almost a bonus feature, so they will enjoy it. I thought it used to create a facebook player but perhaps not. Facebook changes so much that it may have been so at some point but not now. Have fun!

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