TPS Ep. 050 – Back to Podcasting Basics (Part 1 of 2)

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Learn the basics of podcasting from how to decide on a topic to choosing gear, software and hosting for your website and media.

You’ve decided you want to start your own podcast and now you need to know how to proceed. In this episode we go back to the beginning and walk you through the basic elements needed to create a podcast.Shure SM58 microphone

Your first step is to decide on a topic. Pick something you know well and love to talk about to no end. This will help to keep you motivated over the period of many episodes.

Are you going to produce an audio only show or a video podcast? In both cases you’ll need gear that allows you to capture, edit and compress your digital media into a podcast friendly format. The basic gear for an audio podcast is a microphone (I recommend a dynamic mic), a mixer and some headphones. I’ve made the basic assumption that you already have a computer.

For video, at a minimum, you’ll need a video camera and some editing software. However I highly recommend including an external microphone that plugs into your camera. Good audio, even in video podcasting, is as or more important than the image you are capturing.

Finally you’ll want to purchase some basic hosting for a website and your media files.

Make sure to listen to part two of the basics of podcasting (episode 52) where you’ll learn about creating a graphic identity that represent your show, creating a future proofed RSS feed for submitting across the web, and how to get your podcast listed in podcast directories such as iTunes.

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  1. Outstanding content! Not just for the beginner but also the seasoned vet we can loose sight of fundamentals. It sometimes happens with many things in life, hobbies or even work, we become complacent and don't refine the details or end up taking shortcuts to a final product. This episode reminds and teaches the value and importance of fundamentals..

    • Thanks Steve. I'm surprised by the response this "basic" episode is receiving but I'm glad that people are finding value in the Back to Basics series. I look forward to wrapping it up in episode 52.

  2. Ray, great show. You covered a lot of ground and it's very helpful to have all these resources mentioned in one place. Thanks!!

    • Ileane, thanks for the kind comment, the retweet and the +K on Klout. My goal with episodes 51 and 52 is to be able to give people an easy resource to point to when they hear someone say they are interested in starting a podcast.

  3. Hi Ray! Great content, as always! I have one stupid question : where did you get the awesome intro music?

    Thanks for the useful tips & advices you give to us!

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