TPS Ep. 052 – An Interview with Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting (Part 1)


An interview with Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting’s Morning Announcements. A “podcast that talks about all things Podcasting. From planning planning, producing, and promoting your podcast along with all the tools and techniques.”

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With over 250 episodes published, Dave is one of the original podcasters. He was an early digital mentor for me when I was entering podcasting and has since become a peer and friend.

We talk about Dave’s podcasting career, take a peek inside his studio and approach some of podcasting’s more controversial topics.

This is part one of two because when you get a chance to talk to someone you have been listening to for years, you take the opportunity to get as much conversation in as possible.

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I'm a hobbyist podcaster turned professional. I produce podcasts full time for a large non-profit and teach others how to podcast in my spare time. Living the dream.


  1. The idea of podcasting is very interesting, not that new for me though. I currently follow two podcasting blogs, including this one. But if you ask me, this is not for everybody if you ask me, first you need to have a cool voice like Ray here. I've listened to some specific bloggers that did podcasts a couple of times and they were terrible!

  2. Cristian thanks for the compliment but I wouldn't consider my voice "cool." In fact, that's pretty much how every podcaster sees themselves. Almost nobody likes the sound of their own voice.

    You can help yourself out in post production by adding a little compression and some EQ to give you something closer to the radio sound but often most people who listen don't necessarily want that. One of the nice things about podcasting is the fact that it's normal, everyday people talking about something they love. And often times that trumps sound quality.

    That said, you should always strive to give your audience the best sound possible. I think that often times a podcast is adversely affected more by the podcaster's inability to stay on topic or talk clearly than it is the sound of their voice.

    I hope that you are not holding back doing your own show because you don't like your own voice. If you have something to say you should definitely dive right in and share.

    Thanks again for the compliment and for listening to the show. I love hearing from listeners. Stay in touch.

    • Well yeah, it kinnda holds me back. I once had this opportunity to work as a DJ on a local radio station but the producers didn't quite loved my voice and tone, don't get me wrong it doesn't sound terrible, I know that for a fact but I'm not sure its really radio/podcast material.

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