TPS Ep. 010 – Plugins and Widgets for Your Podcast’s WordPress Blog

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courtesy Flickr user Darren Hester

courtesy Flickr user Darren Hester

On this episode I take a look at increasing the value of your blog through plugins and widgets. These are some of the plugins and widgets that I use here at The Podcasters Studio dot com and the ones I feel will benefit you the most as a podcaster. If you start a blog to support your podcast, take a look at each of these plugins and/or widgets listed below and integrate the ones that you feel will work best for your blog and podcasting needs.

Links to Plugins and Widgets Mentioned in this Episode:
1 Pixel Out Audio Player – a clean looking flash player for your visitors to play your podcast mp3’s on your site
Tweetmeme – an easy way to let your viewers retweet your blog post and it shows how many times this has occurred
Lijit – a better search for your site
Feedjit – a live view of who visited your site, how they got there, and where they came from

music used for this episode: 37hz “Spiral Song”, Adam Woodall Band “Runaway”,  3ce “Outside-Inside” – All songs are licensed via CC license and found at

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About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. You should do an episode on Blubrry PowerPress WordPress plugin. Out of the box it does all the basics to add podcasting support to your blog including iTunes tags to your feeds, mp3 size and duration detection, a simple player and more.

    Here's the link:

    I'm the lead developer of the plugin so if you have any questions or would like to interview me for your show please let me know.

    • Angelo,
      Thanks for the comment. It's great to see the lead developer of such a popular plugin listening in on the show.
      I appreciate the tip for other podcasters. I actually like to teach people how to do all the steps on their own as opposed to having them rely on a single plugin. That said I think that's a great plugin for many podcasters.
      Thanks again for the comment here at the site!

  2. Amy Childs says:

    Great episode!

    Lots of helpful things in here. Thanks so much for compiling the info and making some sense out of the overwhelming world of podcasting technology for regular ol peeps like myself.

    There are a couple confusing moments because I think you are referring to an old website, referencing things that are not the same on the new site. Is there a "Live traffic feed" on the new site somewhere?

    Another question – is it possible to rewind with the 1pixelout audio player? If so, I can't figure out how. If not, that's a drawback, and I guess I just have to learn to hit the pause button more quickly so I can take notes. Or alternatively, perhaps you could be less interesting.



    PS My spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "podcasting" (or spellcheck for that matter!) I think my computer needs to get a bit more hip to the times.

    • Thanks Amy!

      About the confusion and yes podcasts can do this sometimes because they are time shifted and someone may not listen to your show until years after it was created and then, oops, things have change. I believe you are asking about feedjit, which would be the live traffic feed. I did not install that one on the new TPS but I think I will put it back on because it's a cool feature. You can see what it's all about by going to You can even get your very own!:) You should be able to test it out on your site.

      As far as rewind on the audio player goes, yes you can do that. Simply place your mouse in the area where the progress bar is moving forward, click and move it backwards. So in the area where it says "track #1" click, hold and move.

      And yes it is funny that spell check does not reco. the word podcast especially since it was the 2005 word of the year! That said it's even funnier that Facebook's spellcheck does not recognize facebook…LOL now that's funny and strange.

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