TPS Ep. 014 – Getting Audio into your Computer

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On this episode of The Podcasters Studio (TPS) I talk about the TPS website redesign, the importance of getting a business card made for your podcast, and some thoughts about mics, mixers, and audio interfaces.

The TPS website now has a cleaner look and incorporates a tumblr blog. If you don’t know about, go to the site and consider starting a tumblr blog for your show. It can also be used as a homepage for your podcast if you are looking for a really simple solution.
Produce Picker Podcast BUSINESS CARD
Business cards make your brand look more professional. As well they give you an easy way to pass the word about your show. Leave them in random places where people who you might think would be interested in your content will see them. Give them out to everyone you come into contact with and get the message out about your show. Learn some great resources for getting your own affordable business cards for your show on this episode.

Getting audio into your computer is not always a simple process. Learn about different ways for doing this specifically if you are interested in getting a mixer or an audio interface for your professional microphones.

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