TPS Ep. 015 – An Interview with Podcaster Jeff Roney from Roneyzone Productions (part I)

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On this episode of The Podcasters Studio I talk with Jeff Roney from Roneyzone Productions. Jeff also produces several other podcasts and incorporates a whole host of voice actors in his original work, New World Army Podcast.

In part one of this interview we learn a little about Jeff and his long life (141 episode of Roneyzone Radio alone) as a podcaster. Jeff tells us how to land big interviews with “celebrities” of which he has interviewed several.NewWorldArmyLogo

You’ll learn about great resources for monitoring what’s being said about you and your show on the web and great tips for getting the word out about your podcast. Jeff has built an awesome social media device for promoting podcasters, Show a Podcaster Some Love #SAPSL! Find out more about it in this episode.

Jeff also talks about making money with podcasting and the future of not only his own shows but podcasting in general. This episode is filled with great tips and conversation. So much so that we split the interview into two parts based on Jeff’s tips for getting more content for your time.

Take a listen and make sure to email your questions to me here at ThePodcastersStudio [at] or call in via our in studio phone line at 925.567.3335.

Also if you are in need of podcast consulting, you want to build your own show or improve the one you already have, please visit the consulting page and contact me for one-on-one training and development. Thanks for listening, now go start a podcast….or two!

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