TPS Ep. 029 – Gmail, Avatars, and Paypal

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Learn about why I like having a gmail account for each show I produce. The importance of having a recognizable avatar across all your online communities, and how to use Paypal for free.

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About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. Hi Ray, great show. Can you give me the link for the How to podcast website. I don't think I found the right site. You can let me know on Twitter, because I can't figure out how to subscribe to comments here.



  2. Hi Ray,

    I agree with you that gmail has great tools and features but do you need to have a separate gmail address for each podcast you produce to use those features. I have multiple emails coming through my gmail account but I only have one gmail address. I use the multiple inboxes and labels to separate the emails into their own categories and keep my main inbox a little cleaner. Is there a feature that I will gain by having a different gmail account for each show or can I use the one account as a hub for everything?

    Great Show, Thanks.


    • Andrew,

      I may not have explained it well enough in the podcast, sorry for that. First off, no I don't see a lot of value in going out and making a gmail account for every show arbitrarily. If you have another way (ie. domain for that show) to create a specific email for each show then that would be the best option.

      I was thinking that it's a good idea for those podcasters who have different shows and want to create emails for their specific shows. For example Thepodcastersstudio [at] and ProducePickerPodcast [at] so that they would be able to give their listeners a show specific email without having to own a domain.

      I have all my shows filtering regular domain emails into their respective gmail accounts or even one gmail account but what is nice about having a gmail for each show (and then you can use forwarding) is that you can manage everything for that show through its respective gmail account. My main point was to make sure each podcaster had a gmail account for their show so that they would have an email.

      Another nice part about having a gmail for each show is if you have multiple hosts or people who help you produce your show. You can set up a gmail account for that specific show and give other people the password to help manage the shows email content without having to give up your personal password. This comes into play when you have a feedburner account as well because its linked to your gmail/google account which you would then have to hand over your personal google info if you wanted someone to help on backend stuff with you.

      I hope that is more clear. Thanks so much for commenting and listening the show!


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