TPS 077: RSS Feeds and FeedBurner

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Have you run into the 512kb limit imposed on your feed via FeedBurner? This episode will give you some solutions about how to fix it or what to be on the lookout for so your feed doesn’t go down.

If you’re just weary of the FeedBurner’s future and want to move your feed away, Rob Walch from Libsyn and I will be discussing how you can do that as long as you have control over your RSS feed.

The Podcasters' Studio

If you’re using FeedBurner to serve your RSS feed to iTunes or any other podcasting app, you might run into a problem where your feed no longer updates. This happens because your feed gets too big. Your feed can exceed the 512kb FeedBurner limit several different ways.

  1. You’re including your blog posts in your feed.
  2. You’ve produced hundreds or thousands of episodes.
  3. Your shownotes are really long for each episode and you have hundreds of episodes which equals lots of text.

Starting around 23:45 into this episode, Rob and I discuss some special URLs you can create with Libsyn that will allow you to do some interesting things with your feed.

Inside Libsyn you have the ability to put each episode into it’s own category. To create an RSS feed that only contains episodes in that category you would structure your URL as follows:

Using my own podcast as an example, here is what that would look like for The Podcasters’ Studio category:

Another “hack” you can do is to limit how many episodes you want to show up in that feed by simply appending /last_ANY_NUMBER_YOU_WANT to the end of the URL.

Again, using my podcast as an example here is how that would look. In this example I’m only including the last 5 episodes (the 5 most recent) in the feed.

If you are running into the 512kb limit in FeedBurner, then putting this /last# onto your FeedBurner’s “originating” URL will allow you to keep your feed underneath this limit.

Links* mentioned on this episode:

  • Rob Walch’s email for further help or questions:
  • Rob Greenlee’s email for updating your feed in Zune/Windows phone:
  • ATR2100

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  1. Jans Fromow says:

    Dear Ray. Iam just in the process of learning and preparing to start a podcast show. I have been listening & learning from you (The podcasters studio, roundtable, the podcastanswerman, etc etc) My specific question: I went recently to your episode 50&51 going to basics, then I remembered something you said aboud feed burner and came to your site to do a search an then in episode 77. So what is your todays recommendation to use? Feed burner? or which other option. Thank you for all your shared knowledge

    • Thanks Jans. I no longer recommend Feedburner so you did a good job to get in touch. I prefer using a good media host and creating your RSS feed that way. I like both Libsyn and blubrry. If you chose one or the other, you can use my code: podcasthelper at checkout to get the first month free.

  2. Hi Ray. I’m pretty “late to the show” on this issue. Doh. I just recently listened to your episode about Feedburner and I think I have decided to abandon it before something catastrophic happens… obviously I have some REAL trepidation about trying to redirect it, but I can’t see any benefit to keeping Feedburner. My podcast is 9 years old and unfortunately, we used a Feedburner address, about six years ago, to point to our (at the time) new Libsyn address. Over the years we sent that Feedburner/Libsyn hybrid address to a plethora of aggregators (like Stitcher, TuneIn and GooglePlay to name a few). Is the information presented in this episode still relevant? I know it was posted before Libsyn went through the update. I want to make sure I have the latest info before I go for it. Thanks for your help and advice! REALLY appreciate it. 🙂

    • Hi Jen, you may just want to leave everything as is if it’s all working and just know how to react if something ever does change. In regards to that, I would contact Libsyn and tell them what you’d like to do or are thinking of doing or would like to be prepared to do and that is move off of Feedburner. They can customize the walk-trough just for you and/or point you to the most recent info about doing so.

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