TPS089: Preamp, Processor and Editing Software

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This show’s schedule is erratic at best but that doesn’t mean I think any other podcast should do the same. Not if you want to grow your show to its maximum potential. I think a show should maintain whatever schedule it sets for itself. If you are once a week then try to be there every week. However, for me, this show is a hobby podcast with the aim of producing a good library of how-t0-podcast content. Therefore, if I can’t be here every week it’s ok. Those of you who listen know this and I thank you so much for staying tuned. It’s important to let you know that if you struggle with getting a podcast out on a regular schedule that it’s OK. DBX286sIt’s certainly better than not podcasting at all. So if you feel like you are falling behind, don’t. Anyone creating a podcast in 2015 is still ahead of the curve. Congrats;) But again, if you can, produce regular content on a set schedule. It’s best for your show and your audience.

On this episode you’ll hear me using a new piece of gear, the DBX286s. This preamp and processor is highly regraded in the podcast space and so I had to try it. I think you’ll hear that the audio sounds great. The primary reasons I purchased this device was for the preamp and expander. The compressor, deesser and enhancer are added bonuses. That said, the compressor is quite heavy and will definitely change how your audio sounds. If you’re looking for that “radio voice,” after the microphone and your own voice, this processor will go a long way towards making that happen. Over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate a more subtle, natural sound for podcast production so I don’t know how much I will use the compressor but it’s nice to have.

Also discussed is my recent trials with multiple new pieces of editing software. I recently explored the new Garageband (10.3) and all of its changes as well as Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition CC. In short, the new Garageband still gets the job done. They’ve removed a couple features like easy crossfades and ducking but it’s still a great piece of software if you are on a Mac and don’t want to spend any additional money.

Logic Pro X is the next step up from Garageband. It’s not quite as good as my old favorite, Soundtrack Pro (discontinued) but it’s a robust editor that will do most anything you’ll want to do with your podcast. However, with the lack of a waveform editor and processing like noise removal it definitely lacks some of the power you’ll get from Audition. But Logic’s plugins (effects) are far better than Adobe’s.

Adobe Audition is probably the best paid editor you can get for podcasting. Problem is you have to subscribe to it on a monthly basis. If it’s in your budget it would be my recommended editing software. For those without money to spend on software, Audacity is a fantastic program that will handle all of your podcasting needs.

Finally I talk about how running a contest across my channels was a great way to build my email list with some added, unexpected benefits.

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Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. I’ve posted about Hindenberg Journalist in other threads. I usually start off by saying I not very experienced which is true. My story tried Audacity which I like > Garage Band which seemed focused on music> Reaper confused me> Hindenberg Journalist with it’s 30 video tutorials a snap to learn. Audacity crashes on my Mac from time to time So I am down to Hindenberg the $100 version and Adobe, I like Auphonic but it is not editing software.

    Do you know of any recent comparisons between Hindenberg and Adobe?

    • I haven’t checked for any direct comparisons but all you really need to know is if it works for you. Does it do everything you need it to do for your show? With podcast editing you don’t need much. You need to be able to cut, add some fades, edit on multiple tracks for things like multi-person or intros, outros, sfx. Most have basic effects for compression, EQ, limiter, noise gates, etc. You don’t need to do too much. There might be some noise removal tools but a tiny bit goes a long way. I know Hindenburg probably has all these abilities. This is a few years old but Dave takes a look at it for podcasting

      • It appears to have the tools I need, Hindenburg that is. I would have used Audacity/Auphonic combo happily. but for the crash problem that “I” am experiencing with Audacity. Currently I have not patience for trouble shooting.

        I want to have Hindenburg Ebook recording software combined with the Hindenburg Journalist. I’d happily pay their premium price. Oh well, I might be a market of one… I do not expect to see this combination.

  2. Hi Ray, Logic X does have a waveform editor. If you double click any audio region in the arrange it will come up as separate window under the main arrange. Or you can choose the Windows menu at the top scroll down and select ‘Open Audio File Editor’.

    Don’t know Audition but Logic should do everything audition does.
    For noise removal I use the RX3 plugin, but will soon be upgrading to RX4 :). Great episode, Thanks.

    • Awesome, thanks Stephen! I’ll have to take a look. That’s good news. Still not as powerful as Audition. For noise removal they have Isotope built into the software. But I like both editing system. Lots of power in both.

  3. Earthshaking News I am going with Hindenburg Journalist. Out of app dither mode—that hasn’t stopped me building my backlog of podcasts. As someone used to say, “Get off the pot ….” I’m sure I can find other diversions.

  4. Now…. That was Logic X you were writing about….

  5. Todd Combs says:

    Hi Ray,
    You think you’re going to do a video walk-through of the DBX286S? I know there is one out there from Mike Russell, but I would be very interested in seeing you do one.

    • It’s not in the immediate future. I haven’t used it enough to know it really well and I’d want to be extra familiar with each function before I made a video for it. It’s possible but it will be at least a year from when I bought it so that I have enough time to really use it. My first impression is that it will take lots of work in order to get it to do exactly what you want. I appreciate the interest in seeing my take, thanks Todd!

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