TPS095: Auphonic and Where to Submit Your Podcast

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You’ve created your podcast ready RSS feed so what’s next? You need to send it out to the world!

There are many places your podcast can be found however you need to submit your show’s RSS feed to multiple directories and apps in order to have people find you.

On this episode, I talk about the top ten directories that send me the most traffic and where you should submit your podcast first, in order to find the majority of your audience.

I also discuss as a fantastic option for easy post production including the simplest way to make sure you are hitting proper Loudness targets for podcasting.

Auphonic for Easy Post Processing

After you’ve recorded your audio and assembled the pieces of your show (music, sound FX, etc.) in your audio editor, a few steps remain. You’ll want to make sure your audio hits the suggested target for podcast Loudness (-16LUFS for stereo, -19LUFS for mono) and include your ID3 metadata (a.k.a. tags). makes this really simple. With the click of a few checkboxes, Auphonic can process audio to your specified Loudness target (multiple options exist), reduce noise and hum, filtering of disturbing low frequencies, perform leveling for balancing levels between speakers, music and speech, and a few more awesome features. And in most cases it does a stellar job.

If you are using the online version (2 hours of free processing each month), there are also desktop apps, you can also include ID3 tags in your final podcast ready audio file. This is very handy for streamlining your workflow. This option is not yet available on the desktop versions.

Podcasting Directories and Apps – Where to Submit Your Podcast

When you’re ready to start publishing your podcast to the world, you’ll want to submit your show to as many podcast directories and apps as possible. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to get into all the directories you can find on your first week. Submit to the directories listed below first and then over the period of a few months, work on getting in new directories as you have time.

I spent a good deal of time over at, a great site for getting all the information you need for submitting your podcast to almost every known podcast directory and app.

Below is a list of the top places you should make sure your podcast can be found first. Since half of these fill their directory by pulling info via the iTunes API, once you submit to iTunes, you’ll be half way done.

The below list is broken into “Primary” and “Secondary” directories and apps based on download numbers from the shows I produce. You’ll likely see different results for your own show but being in these directories will account for a large portion of your audience.

Of course, you should also make sure your podcast is easily available via an HTML5 (mobile friendly) audio player on your own website. Behind iTunes, this is the second largest source of listens for The Podcasters’ Studio.

Top Places Where Your Podcast Should be Available**

Primary (1-5), Secondary (6-10)

  1. iTunes. If you only submit to one place, this is the one. It’s where most people find podcasts (always has been) and is also your gateway into many other directories and apps. See the video below for how to submit your show.
  2. Stitcher – likely soon to fall to third place after Google Play Music, this is usually the number two source for podcasting listening. People using both iOS or Android devices can use Stitcher to find and listen to your show.
  3. Google Play Music – While not currently available to the end-user, this new directory is taking submissions ahead of it’s public release. Get in now.
  4. Miro – open source directory available to Mac, Windows and Linux users. (Sadly, it appears, Miro is no longer available.)
  5. Overcast – free iOS and web app gaining in popularity. This app pulls from the iTunes API so all you need to do once you submit to iTunes is check the app (it’s free) to make sure your show is in there.
  6. Pocket Casts – iOS, Android and desktop app. Probably the most popular premium option. This also use the iTunes API but they also have a submission portal at
  7. iCatcher – premium iOS app, pulls from the iTunes API – You’ll need to buy this app or find someone who has it and have them confirm your show is in the directory.
  8. PlayerFM – Android and web app. Pulls from iTunes but you can also submit via
  9. Podcast Addict – Android and Kindle Fire. Pulls from iTunes but you can submit via > Contact support link > submit RSS feed URL
  10. PodCruncher – Premium iOS app. Pulls from iTunes. This one may actually have been an accident. I’m seeing downloads from here but on second look it doesn’t seem to produce enough to make this list. Not sure what happened but at least now you know it exists;) Don’t put any extra effort into confirming you’re in this one.

See my, Where to Submit Your Podcast Infographic.

For the remaining podcast directories and apps (over 100 total) visit to stay current with all the available places to submit your podcast.

Once again, these are just the places I’m seeing good download numbers originating from. Yours will be different. Hopefully you have good stats so you can track where people are coming from.

Some important notes: along with having your podcasts available on your website, you should also have subscribe links to the biggest places to find podcasts such as iTunes, Stitcher, Miro and your own RSS feed as well as email. Included in this should be a link for Android users that you can create via

Links mentioned in this episode:


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**You should read each directory’s terms of service before submitting your show so that you can decide if you are OK with releasing your content to that platform.

About Ray Ortega

Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.


  1. Hey Ray,

    Thanks for the great post. I was not aware that Google Play was about to launch Podcasts. I promptly submitted my podcast for review. Any other promotion tips you care to share? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. listened from a link on podcasting gear facebook group, nice job!

  3. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for all this information, but I am confused. I am beginning to produce VLOGS (video-blogs), and was hoping to be able to submit them to iTunes-like services so that my VLOG can be found.

    For example, I have PODCAST ADDICT on my smart phone, which does make videos available to me when I search for them.

    The question is how to list my VLOG so that APPS like PODCAST ADDICT can find them.

    Can you help?

    • Hi Robert, to get into podcast directories like iTunes, Podcast Addict, etc., you have to create a valid podcast RSS feed and submit that to the platforms you want to be on. This would require that you host the video somewhere that gives you access to the mp4 URL. You cannot use YouTube as a host because you can’t access the video file URL that you can include in your RSS feed. Video hosting can be costly and is often times why someone will use YouTube for video and podcasts for audio only. In most cases, the majority of your traffic will come from YouTube for a vlog. That’s where most people watch vlogs currently. I would produce a vlog there and then after building an audience, you can see decide to also put your stuff into a podcast feed if you end up continuing with the vlog. I hope that helps.

  4. You guys never fail to teach the gold!

    Big Daddy Likes!

  5. Can you suggest who I can hire to upload my podcast to all of these sites posted above.
    I am involved in a non profit health, wellness and endurance podcast.

    Thanks for your time

    • Hi, Kevin. You don’t need to upload a podcast to these sites for every episode. All you need to do is a one-time submission of your rss feed and it’s done. These directories will automatically receive your new episodes from your feed.

    • Thanks, Dominique. I was hoping they were having temporary issues but it seems like there have been sustained problems for awhile now. I will have to update to reflect that. Appreciate the feedback.

  6. I tried until #5 of your list.
    • iTunes works flawlessly.
    • Stitcher doesn’t even allow me to login to submit, so can’t submit.
    • Google Play is not available in my country, so can’t submit.
    • Miro has confusing documentation. After struggling to find how to submit, it fails with an error related to podcast image. Forum users claim this issue for more than a year. So can’t submit.
    • Overcast doesn’t have a place for submission, so can’t submit.

    Apparently podcasting is a pure Apple business.

    • Hi, Avi. Try here for Stitcher if you haven’t already. Miro now appears to be no longer taking submissions or at least it’s been broken for quiet awhile now, I’ll update the post. Overcast you will be in automatically by being listed in iTunes. Apple is definitely where the majority find podcasts but there are hundreds of other apps. Many of them you’ll be in just by being in iTunes. Thanks!

  7. Thanks – I found this set of suggestions really helpful and reassuring

  8. Miro is dead.

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