TPS098: The Last TPS? How Do You Stay Motivated? iTunes and Mixer Updates.

Is this the last Podcasters’ Studio? No. But staying motivated after years of talking about the same subject will be a challenge every podcaster faces if you do it long enough. How do you stay motivated?

In most cases, listener feedback and a love for the topic will keep the show going for as long as you want. However, other platforms such as YouTube, twitter, etc., have some built in capabilities that can help podcasters stay motivated through easy engagement with the audience.  Easy of commenting and “liking” are just two ways in which these platforms and many like them help your audience engage with your content and as a result, provide an extra level of motivation to keep you producing content. I’d love to see a few more tools built into iTunes that gave podcast listeners an easier way to connect with the podcaster.

More access to stats, a “like” button in the Podcasts App, email notifications for new subscriptions are a few things that YouTube provides its creators. And in some cases, YouTube works directly with creators to improve their channels.

All of these are great for the platform as well as the creator, keeping eyes and ears on their platform while providing that extra fuel that could be the difference between a creator producing content or stopping.

PodcastsConnect is now how you submit podcasts to Apple. Login and check out the new tools available to you as a podcaster on iTunes.

Libsyn now helps make the process of posting a podcast a little easier. ID3 tags, metadata that lives inside each podcast file (mp3) can now be added to your file when you upload to Libsyn.

Blubby has had this feature for long time and I’m glad to see it now come to Libsyn users as well. If you want the best podcast media hosting, these are the two services I recommend. You can use *promo code: podcasthelper on checkout to get your first month free.

I found out about an interesting quirk of the Behringer Q802USB which doesn’t allow you to monitor your audio in both directions when using the USB in/out only. Here’s how to “fix” the Q802USB to monitor in and out via USB.

On this episode I explain the process you see in the above video but you’ll also hear how well this sub $100 mixer handles gain hungry dynamic microphones, in this case the Heil PR40.

I also cover the Mackie Mix8 mixer and you can watch that review as well:

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