TPS Ep. 067 – Using Affiliates with Your Podcast to Make Money

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Daniel ClarkWant an easy way to start making money with your podcast? Start using affilate links in your content.

It may sound too simple to be effective but signing up for an affiliate program and placing links in your website’s text and/or mentioning them on your podcast is the easiest way to start monetizating your show. You can literally make money while you sleep.

As a podcaster you have a lot of influence over the purchasing decisions of your audience. This is an important relationship that you have with your listeners and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you want to start making money with your podcast, you can sign up for an affilate program for a product or products that you recommend on your show, in blog posts and in the descriptions of your videos. By choosing to recommend products and services that you trust and use with your own podcast, you’ll help remove some of the guess work out of your audience’s own purchasing decisions. Hopefully you’ll also be able save people some money in the process by doing the research for them (finding the best price) while making a little money to help cover the costs of your show.

Your audience trusts your recommendation because they trust the relationship you’ve established together. When you recommend something on your site on in your podcast, your listeners are much more likely to go out and buy that product than they would be if they saw it in a random ad online or heard it from somebody they didn’t know as well as you. Affiliate links work best when you are looking out for the best interests of your audience.

On this episode I sit down with Daniel Clark from to talk about his experience with affiliate marketing, how to get started and why there’s often a negative connotation associated with the term “affiliate marketing.”

Daniel has enough experience with making money using affiliates that he co-hosts a show all about it, Affilate Marketing Fanatics.

We start our conversation with Daniel’s background in podcasting and affilate marketing and move into a talk about why a podcaster would want to be an affilate for products they recommend, the best way to implement affiliates into your website and podcast and if all podcasters have the ability to make affilate income from their show?

Other topics included in our conversation include:

  • percentage rates for different affiliates (how much you get paid). Personally I’m seeing the best returns from my preferred podcast gear supplier B&H.
  • Banners vs. text vs. widget links to products. – Text links seem to work best for most affiliates.
  • Do some niches do better than others? – I’m finding that one particular segment of my viewers converts much better than the rest. Listen to find out how I use YouTube in conjunction with my podcast to reach this segment of my audience.
  • Rules and regulations that need to be followed when using affiliate links. The best practice is to make it clear that the links you are using are affilate links.
  • Tracking and inserting affilate links with WordPress plugins.
  • The best affilate programs to get started with. Amazon is likely the easiest, B&H is my personal favorite.
Links mentioned in this episode:

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  1. When you set up affliliates, do you set one account for all of your podcasts and use the same link in multiple sites if appropriate?

    • Hi Ken. If you have an affilate account with any given retailer, you can use your links anywhere you like. So yes, use the same codes across your various podcasts unless you have some kind of deal with your affilate that they only want to know if people are clicking through via one specific podcast. But in general, use one account for all your shows. Thanks for asking.

    • Many affiliates will let you create multiple tracking IDs. So if you want to use the same affiliate on your five separate sites, you could either use a the same link among them all and never know which site is converting better; or you could create an ID for each site so you could see each site's performance.

      For example, I use separate tracking IDs with my affiliate links. I can see that two of my five sites are generating profit, the other three don't sell anything.

  2. This was great content! What is the exact affiliate manager plugin that Daniel recommends? I'm sick of AdRotate, and there are "Ad Manager" and the more popular "Simple Ads Manager."

    • Thanks Daniel. I'll get Daniel M. over here to answer this asap.

      • We talked about it earlier on Twitter lol – but I just thought of something that I couldn't get into earlier on Twitter because, well, it's Twitter. 140 characters and all that. To begin with though…

        I'm actually using AdRotate! I'm a set-it-and-forget-it kinda guy when it comes to certain things, and ad/code management is definitely like that. Once I've got a couple of things loaded up, I just let it run for a couple of months unless there's a reason to take action more frequently.

        Although I've tried a lot of other ad managers over the years, I've been using this one since… 2009 I think? so I can't give any good advice about alternatives. But there's on that I can elaborate on because it's more than just an ad manager and I'm working on setting it up, and that's OIO.

        OIO Publisher ( is my affiliate link, use the coupon code WINTER12-PODCAST for a $10 discount (and THAT is how you push an affiliate offer LOL)) is super cool. It does ad placement like every other ad manager, but it also allows you to sell ad space on your site. So, for example, say you have a 125×125 button in your sidebar, and you want to charge someone $100 a month to put their ad there. OIO automates the process of purchasing that ad space, buyers can upload their ad automatically, and it can be put into a rotation. You have total control over what goes in the space of course – you can set everything to manual approval so you don't have people trying to run ads on your site that you have a problem with.

        *Plus* and this is awesome for us podcasters, you can sell ad space on your show because OIO can be set up to sell anything. Set it up to charge a customer $xxx.xx for a 45-second ad on your show. You still have manual approval, of course. You could set it up to let people buy sponsorships for, say, your NMX trip. It's extraordinarily powerful.

        I'll show you my sponsorships page, but I was building it out before the holidays struck, and I haven't finished it yet. There's stuff to be added and the prices are completely random lol

        Sorry for the novel… hope that helps 🙂

  3. I have just been searching for this type of information for a while and finally found here so far. Thanks !

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