I’m Ray Ortega and I host The Podcasters’ Studio (TPS) and Podcasters’ Roundtable. Both shows are podcasts about podcasting.

With this site and podcast, you’ll learn how to record, edit, publish, and promote your podcast. Get all the tools you need to produce a high-quality show. Start with the basics like how to decide what to podcast about and graduate at your own pace to more complex productions like using a mix-minus to record Skype interviews.

If you only have a few minutes each day or simply want to learn in an easier to consume format, check out Podcast Quick Tips, to learn one tip at a time

Meeting Adam Curry (2014) - THE Podfather
With the real “Podfather” aka Adam Curry

A little about me, I launched my first podcast in early 2007 (Produce Picker Podcast) a video podcast about how to identify, select and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables (I was working in the produce industry at the time). This was my vehicle for learning how to podcast.

In 2009, this site’s flagship podcast (TPS) was born. As a result, I have the ability to help you with both audio and video podcasting.

A dual focus on each audio as well as video is one of this site’s unique features. Most podcasts about podcasting only cover audio. Due to my work in both audio and video media, I love teaching them both.

One year earlier I was hired by a D.C. non-profit to help produce their quickly growing podcast network. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last eight years producing both audio and video podcasts full-time. I like to say I’m a hobbyist podcaster turned pro. In other words… I got my dream job;)

Ray with Leo at the Brick House
At the Big Table with Leo Laporte (fez not required but required;))

I bring the experience of a full-time podcaster, schooled in all aspects of podcasting and I enjoy sharing that knowledge via this website. Helping you start, improve and grow your own podcast is what keeps me motivated to produce my own shows.

In fact teaching and helping is what I enjoy most. You can always find me on twitter helping people with their podcasting questions. Your best bet for receiving quick, responsive, quality answers to your podcasting questions is to tweet me and follow via twitter.com/podcasthelper.

At work, on location is Colorado, filming podcasts.
Working camera in a Colorado studio

If you have your own podcast and want to introduce your audience to the how-to’s of starting, producing and growing their own show, I’d love to be a guest on your show and talk all about it. Feel free to contact me and we’ll set something up ASAP. And shining the spotlight on you is the goal of Podcasters’ Roundtable. Join us over there to share your own experience of producing a podcast regardless of the level you are currently at.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about this site and my background in podcasting. To hear a little more about my story in depth, check out these shows where I was interviewed about my podcasting journey:

If you prefer to read instead of listen check out these blog interviews:

I look forward to meeting and chatting with you here, through tweets, facebook, google plus or anywhere else you find me. Come say hi!


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