Audio compression tutorials

I’ve spent hours culling through all the video tutorials I could find to help you get a better understanding of specific audio production concepts.

The videos on this page all deal with the concept of compression and help you understand how to go about using this effect in your audio editing. Underneath each video, I’ve described what, for me, was the primary takeaway from each video (i.e. what made me post it here).

William gives a great breakdown of the basics, explaining compression controls very clearly. His demo is on a drum track but you get a chance to really hear what he’s talking about.

Brief, fun history of compressors. As well, I like how he puts technical terms terms into plain english. The parts where he covers musical instruments is still very useful for podcasters. You are still able to learn the basic concepts of what to start listening for, how compression effects the sound of your recordings.

A well done screencast that gives you a great look at the actual controls of a software compressor. All software has different compressor plugins but this gives you some insights into the basics which you’ll have control of regardless of your software. This one includes a good look at how EQ plays into your edit as well.

This one gives you a good look at some of the compression options in Adobe Audition, a software tool that many podcasters use.

Another look at Adobe Audition but this time a slightly older version, 3.0. All of this also applies to the most recent versions of Audition.

This one attempts to get you closer to the “radio voice” that so many podcasters think they want.

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