Canon 80D Video Menu Setup

The video specific menus on the Canon 80D provide lots of options for setting up your DSLR to shoot high-quality video. This tutorial is a complete walkthrough of the Canon 80D video menu settings.

I had an 80D for 30 days for testing. In the past I have reviewed the Canon 70D and I still own and film with the Canon 60D and T2i. In my opinion the 80D is currently the best crop-sensor DSLR for shooting video. Key features are the 180 degree tilt screen which allows you to see yourself while filming without the need to add an expensive and bulky monitor, good continuous auto-focus, the touchscreen for easier access to the most important settings and 1080p 60fps for smooth slow motion.

Of course no camera is the right solution for everyone and if you need 4k resolution or don’t need a rotating screen then I would likely steer you towards a Sony a6300 which is in the same price range with equally good continuous AF and 4k. But you’re likely reading this because you already have an 80D and now you want to learn how to set it up to shoot great looking video. Here you go!


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