How To Submit a Podcast To iTunes

Submitting your podcast to the iTunes store is easy once you have created your podcast-ready RSS feed.

The video above will show you how this is done and the step-by-step directions are below.

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Earn Money When Someone Subscribes to Your Podcast in iTunes.

iTunesDid you know you can earn money when someone subscribes to your podcast in iTunes?

It’s true, iTunes has an affiliate program. Create icons, banners, text links and more by signing up with the iTunes affiliate program and you can start earning commissions when someone uses your link to buy items on iTunes.

If you’re already sending people to iTunes to subscribe to your podcast, you might as well earn a little money in return if they happen to buy music, apps, or movies while they are there. [Read more…]

Check Your Podcast’s Ratings and Reviews in Each iTunes Store in the World

Here’s a way to see if you have received any iTunes reviews and/or ratings for your podcast in different countries.

There are 123 different countries with an iTunes store. And although you can’t purchase from countries you don’t reside in, you can see your ratings and reviews for each podcast you have in the iTunes store. And it’s simple.

The easiest way to check your reviews is to sign up at *My Podcast Reviews. You’ll automatically receive an email listing any new reviews you receive from every iTunes store available across the globe! No more manual checking. There are free and premium plans available.

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Change the Number of Feed Items In WordPress to Display All Your Episodes on iTunes

If you are having an issue with iTunes, or any other podcatcher, only showing your most recent ten (10) or less episodes and you are using WordPress to feed your podcast, this is the fix for you.

Even if you are also using feedburner, changing this simple setting will allow more episodes to appear in your RSS feed and thus on iTunes, Zune, Miro, etc.

This fix works for both and people who have their own installation of WordPress on their own server.

Learn how to get started using iTunes


Learn how to get started using iTunes to subscribe to podcasts. If you’ve never used iTunes, this video will help you learn the basics. Itunes is great place to find podcasts on any and all topics including this show, The Podcasters Studio.

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