Earn Money When Someone Subscribes to Your Podcast in iTunes.

iTunesDid you know you can earn money when someone subscribes to your podcast in iTunes?

It’s true, iTunes has an affiliate program. Create icons, banners, text links and more by signing up with the iTunes affiliate program and you can start earning commissions when someone uses your link to buy items on iTunes.

If you’re already sending people to iTunes to subscribe to your podcast, you might as well earn a little money in return if they happen to buy music, apps, or movies while they are there.

This is another great way to mitigate the costs of producing a podcast. It’s unlikely you’ll make a lot of money with this program but with affiliate marketing it all adds up. With any luck, over a year’s time, you’ll make enough to cover costs of producing a podcast such as media and website hosting or gear upgrades.

For example, on this site, I’ve connected an affiliate link with the iTunes logo which acts as my iTunes podcast subscription icon and link for my show The Podcasters’ Studio. When someone uses this icon/link (seen in the upper right sidebar widget on this page) to subscribe to my show in iTunes, I earn commissions on purchases they make from other areas of the iTunes store.

Since podcasts are free, you don’t earn any money when someone uses your link to only subscribe to your podcast. If they go into other areas of the store such as music, movies, app, books, etc. and make a purchase anytime within three days from clicking your link (even if they didn’t subscribe to your show) you will receive a 5% commission on the total amount they spend.

The iTunes affiliate program is run by Linkshare (now PHG) (see banner on the right which is it’s own affiliate link). Along with iTunes, once you join Linkshare, there are hundreds of other affiliate programs you can join. You’re certain to find other retailers that fit your niche. Sign up and start earning affiliate commissions when you podcast, blog or create videos about relevant products.

The Link Maker tool does exactly as it says, it allows you to create a link to your podcast in the iTunes store and connect it to your affiliate link.Two of the coolest features within the iTunes program are “Link Maker” and the “Widget Builder.” Each one lets you create custom links and banners that fit the content and design of your website. If you simply want to build an iTunes link or widget and aren’t interested in earning any commissions, you can still use these free tools.

The Widget Builder lets you create a widget that contains all of your podcasts in one place (see my example in the sidebar). You can even build widgets for apps, movies, books and anything else featured in the iTunes store.

It’s a great way to feature your show(s) or related content available in the iTunes store. For example, I’ve also created a widget that features apps that I recommend for podcast producers.

So if you have a subscription link to your podcast in the iTunes store, which if you’re listening to me is required, sign up for the affiliate program and start earning a little extra money with your podcast.

If you enjoy listening to your content as well as or in place of reading it, take a listen to the Podcast Quick Tips episode about the iTunes affiliate program.

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