In some cases, where you see links to gear, software or services, an affiliate link is included. An affiliate link is small commission only received if you purchase something from the linked website. I only link to website that I use and trust.

I recommend that all content creators who recommend products use affiliate links, when available, for the products and retailers you trust and use yourself. Your genuine reviews and recommendations are sending lots of traffic to these retailers which eventually turns into large dollars for them. You should be compensated for your time, work and recommendation when these are made in a good faith effort to provide valuable content to your audience.

I take your viewership very seriously and therefore do not have associations with retailers or products that I would not purchase from or use myself.

When possible, I link to the best price available at the time the link was created. I encourage you to always shop around for the best price. If you find a lower price, please let me know so I can make adjustments when possible.

A lot of the gear you see reviewed and/or demoed here is loaned to me from trusted, affiliate retailers. In most cases this is gear that I have requested for review, not gear they want me to review.

I’m never told what I can or can’t say. If I don’t like any particular gear, I won’t give it my endorsement just to make a few dollars on an affiliate link. Your trust far outweighs the small amount of money that I might make from recommending any product. Gear that is loaned to me is returned to the retailer unless otherwise stated and with no requirement to conduct a review or recommend that product.

Not all links are affiliates and in many cases products seen here were purchased by me.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit The Podcasters’ Studio. For further information regarding my affiliate relationship or any other questions please feel free to contact me any time.

– Ray

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