How to Record 2 Separate Channels on Any Mixer

Can you record two separate audio channels on any mixer? Yes, you can get 2 separated tracks by panning two channels of a stereo mix.

Most mixers don’t record true multitrack audio, that is, they don’t send each of the individual inputs out to software (typically via USB) so that you can record each audio channel onto its own track.

By hard panning (all the way) one channel left and another channel all the way to the right, you can record a stereo file that will contain microphone one only on the left side and microphone two only on the right.

In your editor (DAW), during post-production, you simply separate this stereo track into two mono tracks and now you have channel one and two on their own tracks or in their own mono file.

This allows you to give each track its own customized FX as well as remove unwanted audio that would otherwise be blended together with the other channel if you did not use this method.

This is excellent for podcasters using cheaper mixers that only send a stereo mix output, allowing at least two hosts to record audio onto their own track for further processing in the edit.

In a follow up tutorial, I show how to get multiple separated channels out of an analog mixer that has insert channels by using the “one-click” method. 

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