PQT – FeedBurner Status Update

Is FeedBurner shutting down? I cover this topic, the fear going around the Internet and the truth about what is really happening.

The key takeaway here is not to worry. Don’t panic and scramble to move your podcast RSS feed(s) away from FeedBurner. If you are currently using it, there has been no official announcements that the service is going away. Some things have changed TPS Podcast Quick Tips ID3 sml 125x125but the core functionality that it provides for your podcast is intact and stable. If Google was to close down the service, I’m sure you would have adequate options and time for leaving and/or moving your feed. But at this time, no such plans have been announced.

If you wish to move away from FeedBurner, my suggestion here (as I am planning to do) is to start migrating slowly. You can begin by using the PowerPress plugin for WordPress and replace FeedBurner’s SmartCast function, which controls the iTunes tags within your RSS feed, with the iTunes options within PowerPress.

After that, you can work with the redirect system (inside PowerPress) for moving your feed permanently. Daniel from The Audacity to Podcast gives you some very detailed options for implementing this process.

If you are using a third-party platform like Blog Talk Radio, Blogger or any other where FeedBurner gives you control over your feed in place of using the third-party’s feed (i.e. for iTunes submission) I would recommend sticking with FeedBurner and the system you currently have in place unless you decide to move to paid hosting (i.e. Libsyn – use promo code: PodcastHelper for a free month) or WordPress. These options will allow you more control over your feed and can free you from the need to use FeedBurner. Control of your brand should be very important to you as a content creator. Try and have as much as possible when it comes to your content.

Let me know in the comments how you’re responding to the developments with FeedBurner and what you think you’re long term solution will be.

Watch or listen to a full breakdown of this topic featuring the opinions of several well known podcasters via Podcasters’ Roundtable – Round 4 – What’s Going on with FeedBurner?

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