PQT – Names in Titles

Podcast Quick TipsIf you have a podcast where you have on guests/interviewees, you should include those names in the title of your episode(s) for better search results in iTunes.

I’ve noticed that when I search for someone’s name on iTunes I get results not only for their own podcast, assuming they have set up their feed correctly, but also for other podcasts on which they were interviewed and the show put their name in the title.

When it comes to iTunes SEO, titles are everything. Apparently this is true at the episode level as well. I’ve seen situations where a podcast host hasn’t set up their RSS feed correctly to include their own name as the author of the show and my show ranks better in iTunes for their own name.

This happens because I have their name in a title of one of my episodes. So if you want your show to show up when someone is searching for that person (they could be a well known name with lots of searches) then make sure to include their name in your episode title if you have had them on your show.

For obvious reasons anyone searching for that person will also likely be interested in hearing your interview with them and that could become a new subscriber to your show.

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