TPS095: Auphonic and Where to Submit Your Podcast

You’ve created your podcast ready RSS feed so what’s next? You need to send it out to the world!

There are many places your podcast can be found however you need to submit your show’s RSS feed to multiple directories and apps in order to have people find you.

On this episode, I talk about the top ten directories that send me the

most traffic and where you should submit your podcast first, in order to find the majority of your audience.

I also discuss as a fantastic option for easy post production including the simplest way to make sure you are hitting proper Loudness targets for podcasting.
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TPS092: Social Sponsorships and the Behringer Q802USB Mixer

What’s the value of a new podcast subscriber? Would you trade 20, 50, 100 dollars an episode for a new subscriber? Two new subscribers?

Social-Sponsorship-graphicA podcast sponsorship can be a hard deal to negotiate and for many smaller shows it’s not likely worth the tradeoff; having to put ads in your content for a small monetary return. But what if the exchange was not money but instead something likely more important to a podcast… new listeners.

Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing for any podcast. Trading ad space on your show for an introduction to a targeted, relevant, interested group of potential new subscribers may have bigger returns and is almost certainly a much easier form of sponsorship to obtain.

Social sponsorship is sponsorship deal for the rest of us. The average podcaster does not carry the number of subscribers that most ad buyers would want to see for CPM based deals. Yes you can cultivate a one on one sponsorship with someone who has a relevant business but when it comes to asking for money it’s often a much harder sale. [Read more…]

TPS 081: Reaching Your True Audience and Growing Your Podcast

I’m back in The Studio after spending a week in Las Vegas attending and speaking at New Media Expo 2014 (NMX). It was, as you could probably guess, a great time. If you’re a podcaster who enjoys meeting other podcasters and learning how to better your show, it’s hard not to have fun at NMX. Lots of great content and endless amounts of great people and conversations.NMX_2014_panel_RayDaveDaniel-1sml2

While at the conference, I spent the majority of my time talking with people I previously only knew from online interactions (twitter, G+, podcasts, etc) and meeting people I had never spoken to before. While the content at NMX (sessions) are great, you’re probably going to have the most fun  meeting people who spend most of their time in a world much like your own (they “get” you;)).

I had some other duties while at NMX, I was co-presenting a panel on How To Grow Your Podcasts From 100s to 1000s along with Dave Jackson and Daniel J. Lewis as well as recording a live Round of Podcasters’ Roundtable. [Read more…]

PQT – Speaker Test Your Podcast

Listening to your podcast while you edit with headphones on might lead you to think your audio is just right. That everything sounds perfect. But what about the most important listener…your audience?

Make sure the audio you’re publishing sounds as good to your audience as it does to you. Take your podcast for a trial run on as many speakers you can find. Play your podcast in your car where a large number of people are listening on their commute. Can you hear it clearly over the traffic and other sounds inherent to driving?

Try your podcast on cheap earbuds that came with your mp3 player as well as the speakers on your computer, TV, and phone.

Testing your audio in as many places as possible will give you a good gauge of how your audience hears your podcast. Make sure what you’re publishing can actually be heard most places it might be played and you’ll keep your listeners coming back for more.

Get one month free on a new Libsyn account!

Do you need a reliable host for your audio or video podcast? Consider moving your show to (my chosen host) and get your first month free when you use promo code: podcasthelper at checkout.

Need helping starting your first podcast? Contact me to work one on one setting up your show today.

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TPS Ep. 046 – Show Notes and Increasing Audience Participation

As a podcast producer you have likely heard that you need to create good show notes for each episode. But what does this mean and how do you accomplish it? On this episode I talk about the elements that make up good show notes (descriptive, keyword rich, and supplemental links).

I also discuss ways to get your podcast audience to participate more and engage with your show. Receiving comments, retweets, emails, and voicemail are just some of the ways you know that people are listening to and/or watching your podcast. Engagement also allows you to custom tailor your content to fit the desires of your audience and thus increase your feedback with each episode.

Important factors in getting your audience to provide feedback are reaching out to them wherever they are gathering. Find your niche on twitter and start a conversation, offering helpful feedback and pointing them to your show when appropriate for deeper discussion and explanation. Reach out on facebook and create supplemental content that encourages feedback. Both of these methods have a low threshold and can potentially reach hundreds of even thousands of relevant listeners.

Write better show notes and think about enhancing your video and audio content with blogs. The more content you produce, the more likely it is that your audience will engage with your podcast. Make sure that you have the appropriate call-to-action in every episode of your podcast and make sure you have an easy to find contact page on your website.

Both show notes and supplemental content and/or engagement are great ways to get more people interacting with your show. Try to go out and reach the people who would be interested in your podcast instead of just waiting for them to find you.

Links for this episode:
Recording multi-channel with Audacity
Alesis Multimix8 USB 2.0 mixer
Ray’s settings for the Powerpress plugin for wordpress
Canon 60D HDDSLR video setup
How to get started using Custom Fields in wordpress
A podcast studio inside an RV

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PQT – Blackberry Podcast Store

Submitting your show to new podcatchers is the best way to grow your audience fast. Make sure to submit your podcast to all the podcasting directories you can find and don’t forget the thousands of people who are consuming, searching, and using the Blackberry Podcast store. Go to the Blackberry Podcast Store to create an account and submit all your podcasts (audio and video) today.
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TPS Ep. 034 – How to Avoid Losing Contact with Your Audience

On this episode, Vincent, host of This Week in Virology, calls in to talk about his mix-minus setup. Grant wants to know about slow download speeds from files hosted on and I talk about having a plan to stay connected to your audience if one or more of your broadcasting channels goes down or gets shut off.

I also answer a few questions that came in via twitter since the last episode including, wireless mics for video, getting phone call audio into your mixer, and an easy way for getting your podcast into the Zune Marketplace.

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Links for this episode:
Knowledge base article on for slow download speeds
This Week in Virology
Submit a Podcast to the Zune Marketplace
Sennheiser Wireless Mic Packages

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PQT – Provide Feedback to Podcasts

Today I’m asking the listeners of Podcast Quick Tips to submit their very own Podcast Quick Tip that I can play on the show. If you have a 2 to 4 minute tip about how to podcast that you would like to share on this show, please submit that tip by calling 925-567-3335 or better yet, send in your audio tip via email at

This is not only a request for content and a way for me to promote your show, creating valuable content for my own show but also a great tip to podcasters who want to get the word out about their own show. If you have some helpful feedback that you can provide to another podcast that you listen to, whether that podcast is in your niche or not, send in your audio or written feedback and likely you will get the chance to be exposed to that show’s audience.

Not only will the podcaster appreciate your insight and feedback but you could reap the benefits of having another show promote and market your own show.

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