Powerpress 2.0 and HTML5

The Powerpress plugin for WordPress was updated a few days ago. This plugin does much more than you need it to and can be used in many different ways.

One of it’s most exciting new features is the ability to place an html5 player on your site, essentially making your podcast non-flash or Apple friendly. [Read more…]

TPS Ep. 026 – Podcast Statistics

Where do you find statistics about your podcast? I hear this question often and with it usually comes confusion about what exactly is going on with the stats you get from Feedburner. On this episode I talk all about the different places to find stats for your show and why Feedburner may not be your best option.

I also talk about my new piece of podcasting gear, an MDX4600 compressor/limiter/gate, and more info about Feedburner.

We also hear from Corey from the Average Joe Show, who called in some feedback regarding the live streaming episode.

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MDX4600 compressor

Chatango (an embeddable chat for your website)

podtrac (stats tracking)

Libsyn (affordable, best audio and video hosting)

Twaud.io (record audio from your browser and send as a tweet)