How To Disable Skype’s Auto Gain and Echo Cancellation Controls

Your version of Skype might be doing a couple things with your audio that you don’t want it to. Here’s how to fix it.

To disable Skype’s auto gain control (AGC) for both Mac ( and later) and PC versions, simply go into your Preferrences > Audio/Video and deselect the Automatic Microphone Control checkbox. [Read more…]

Remove Room Reverb from Your Podcast Recordings with a Plugin.

Here is some audio from a test I ran using a plugin that claims to remove echo from your recordings. In other words, a plugin to help podcasters with large empty rooms facing the challenge of getting the resulting reverb out of their recordings. When listening to this, you’ll want to make sure to wear some good headphones so that you can hear the reverb in the room.

The plugin seems to work pretty well which is quite an accomplishment however at over $50, I don’t think I would purchase it. But that is still cheaper than sound proofing your studio.

You can download and try the De-Verb plugin for yourself at the Sound Performance Lab website.

If you enjoy the demo, “Likes” are appreciated but make sure to let me know in the comments what you think overall. Would this be helpful for your recordings?