How to Setup a Mix Minus for Recording Skype

If you need to setup a mix-minus to record Skype for your podcast, this tutorial will show you the gear* you’ll need and how to connect it all together.

Below is a complete photo walkthrough of the mix-minus setup demonstrated in the video above.

The basic concept of a mix-minus is to input multiple sources of audio into an audio mixer (your microphone, sound cart, phone messages, Skype, etc.) then send that audio back out to Skype, minus (without) the Skype caller’s voice.

This setup is achieved by using an auxiliary output to selectively send certain audio out of the mixer. If you send all the audio that is in the mixer, back to Skype, then the person on the other side will hear a feedback loop of their own voice. So we need to exclude (minus) Skype’s audio (the person’s voice) from going back into Skype.

Depending on your mixer’s manufacture, the auxiliary output may be labeled Aux, FX or Mon Send. They’ll all work as auxiliary outputs in this setup.
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TPS Ep. 046 – Show Notes and Increasing Audience Participation

As a podcast producer you have likely heard that you need to create good show notes for each episode. But what does this mean and how do you accomplish it? On this episode I talk about the elements that make up good show notes (descriptive, keyword rich, and supplemental links).

I also discuss ways to get your podcast audience to participate more and engage with your show. Receiving comments, retweets, emails, and voicemail are just some of the ways you know that people are listening to and/or watching your podcast. Engagement also allows you to custom tailor your content to fit the desires of your audience and thus increase your feedback with each episode.

Important factors in getting your audience to provide feedback are reaching out to them wherever they are gathering. Find your niche on twitter and start a conversation, offering helpful feedback and pointing them to your show when appropriate for deeper discussion and explanation. Reach out on facebook and create supplemental content that encourages feedback. Both of these methods have a low threshold and can potentially reach hundreds of even thousands of relevant listeners.

Write better show notes and think about enhancing your video and audio content with blogs. The more content you produce, the more likely it is that your audience will engage with your podcast. Make sure that you have the appropriate call-to-action in every episode of your podcast and make sure you have an easy to find contact page on your website.

Both show notes and supplemental content and/or engagement are great ways to get more people interacting with your show. Try to go out and reach the people who would be interested in your podcast instead of just waiting for them to find you.

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A podcast studio inside an RV

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PQT – Provide Feedback to Podcasts

Today I’m asking the listeners of Podcast Quick Tips to submit their very own Podcast Quick Tip that I can play on the show. If you have a 2 to 4 minute tip about how to podcast that you would like to share on this show, please submit that tip by calling 925-567-3335 or better yet, send in your audio tip via email at

This is not only a request for content and a way for me to promote your show, creating valuable content for my own show but also a great tip to podcasters who want to get the word out about their own show. If you have some helpful feedback that you can provide to another podcast that you listen to, whether that podcast is in your niche or not, send in your audio or written feedback and likely you will get the chance to be exposed to that show’s audience.

Not only will the podcaster appreciate your insight and feedback but you could reap the benefits of having another show promote and market your own show.

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