PQT – ID3 Artwork File Size

TPS Podcast Quick Tips ID3_300x300

ID3 artwork is your podcast’s logo (see mine on the right) that gets inserted into every episode( mp3) file you create (see below for the differences between show level artwork and episode level (i.e. ID3)).

When designing your show’s artwork there are special specifications to be aware of. [Read more…]

PQT – Creating High Resolution Album Art

When you create your album artwork the graphic that represents your podcast (also referred to as show art or ID3 image), make sure you use a high enough resolution so that it displays well on large screens.

I recommend making your show logo 600 x 600 pixels. This is a square image that will display well on HD screens as well as .mp3 players such as an iPod. Create a .jpg is still a relatively small size in (usually less than 1mb) and will be compatible across all devices.

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