TPS100: All the Podcasting Tips

The first Podcasters’ Studio that doesn’t start with a zero (ex: 001, 099)! Episode 100, we made it! Thank you to everyone who has ever listened and helped the show reach this milestone.

This is a mighty episode filled with all the still relevant tips from the last 99 episodes of The Podcasters’ Studio. I relistened to every episode (that was painful) and culled all the tips that I thought would still be useful in 2017. There is plenty of good content left in each of the episodes, I don’t include them all here but the tips on this episode are ones that you can take back to your own show right now and grow the show you already have or start the podcast you’ve always wanted.

Most of the lessons in this episode where culled while listening to most of my back catalog of content. I scrubbed through all my past podcast episodes picking out those things that made me think I could of done it differently or want to change moving forward past episode 100.
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TPS083: Setting Up a Mix-Minus and Hosting Pitfalls

If you want to record Skype using a mixer you’re going to need how to setup a mix-minus. The video below will show you how to go about setting that up and the linked post below will describe the entire process as well as show you detailed photographs of how to setup a mix-minus for recording Skype interviews.

A mix-minus allows you to send all the audio going into your mixer (voice, sound fx, music, etc) back to your caller on Skype without them getting their own voice back which would cause a feedback loop where they would hear their own voice. [Read more…]

TPS Ep. 008 – An Interview with Susan Bratton of the Personal Life Media Podcasting Network

Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media

Susan Bratton is co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media. She also hosts her own wildly successful podcast called DishyMix.

Personal Life Media is a podcast network consisting of  40 different podcasts. Each podcast is unique but all are tied into a common theme, your personal life. As well, the network produces information products that can expand and help you produce your best podcast episodes.

Susan is a super star in new media culture and has many years of experience interacting with the people who move media in the internet age.

Find out all about Susan and Personal Life Media in this interview. Learn how her newest information product, Talk Show Tips, can help you become a better interviewer. 

Learn what it takes to run a 40 show podcasting network, be the vice-chairman of the Association for Downloadable Media (an organization focused on podcasters) and hear all about how she handles a career in new media. 

Susan also provides a powerful tip to podcasters who want to ask unique and interesting questions to their interviewees. All this and more on this episode of The Podcasters Studio.

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