How to Setup Any Mixer – Gain Staging without PFL or Solo Buttons

For many podcasters, mixers do not include Pre Fader Listen (PFL) or Solo buttons which are commonly used on more expensive mixers for properly setting audio levels.


Gain staging is the process of setting proper audio levels through your entire audio chain. On a mixer this starts with the gain knob (located at the top of each channel strip) which controls the sensitivity of your microphone or input and finishes at the output, your main mix. [Read more…]

CFL Light Bulb Buzz – The Dreaded Hiss (Series)

This is part one in a series I’m calling “The Dreaded Hiss” which will feature different sounds commonly found inside a podcaster’s studio that can create background noise (often known as hiss) in your podcast’s audio.

CFL Bulb

The issue of buzzing compact florescent lights (CFLs) used to be a bigger problem then it is now. However, it’s good to be aware of how the lighting in your studio can affect your audio.

In the example below this post, you’ll hear an exaggerated amount of CLF buzzing. This is caused by having a CFL plugged into a dimmer (don’t do this). At full strength most CLFs no longer put off much, if any, buzz… but they can. More traditional florescent lighting is much more prone to buzzing sounds. [Read more…]

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