PQT – Speaker Test Your Podcast

Listening to your podcast while you edit with headphones on might lead you to think your audio is just right. That everything sounds perfect. But what about the most important listener…your audience?

Make sure the audio you’re publishing sounds as good to your audience as it does to you. Take your podcast for a trial run on as many speakers you can find. Play your podcast in your car where a large number of people are listening on their commute. Can you hear it clearly over the traffic and other sounds inherent to driving?

Try your podcast on cheap earbuds that came with your mp3 player as well as the speakers on your computer, TV, and phone.

Testing your audio in as many places as possible will give you a good gauge of how your audience hears your podcast. Make sure what you’re publishing can actually be heard most places it might be played and you’ll keep your listeners coming back for more.

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TPS Ep. 061 – Google Listen Discontinued

Google announces that it will no longer support their native podcasting application, Google Listen.Google Listen Discontinued

If you are using the Listen app, you’ll still be able to listen to podcasts however after Novemeber 11, 2012 the search function will no longer work.

Google says because of the proliferation of podcasting apps available in their app store, Google Play, there is no need for their own app and essentially surrenders the podcasting market over to Apple, Zune and other large operating systems.

Does this make sense to you? What does it mean that Google has given up on podcasts?

Rob Walch and I discuss our initial reactions to the news. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this move.

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PQT – Blackberry Podcast Store

Submitting your show to new podcatchers is the best way to grow your audience fast. Make sure to submit your podcast to all the podcasting directories you can find and don’t forget the thousands of people who are consuming, searching, and using the Blackberry Podcast store. Go to the Blackberry Podcast Store to create an account and submit all your podcasts (audio and video) today.
right-click to download (3.5 MB|3.5 min.)

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PQT – Remember Playback Position and Proof Listening

Learn the importance of using the "remember playback position" check box when tagging your podcast files with ID3 tags (i.e. metadata). This is one item I always check when filling in my ID3 information and can easily be done using the itunes software.

Also, do you listen to your own show? Do you make sure it's not a damaged file before you release it to the internet? Find out why I think this is important and how, at a minimum, you can make sure you are sending out quality audio and video files to your listeners.

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