PQT – Mixlr.com. Audio Only Live Streaming

An introduction to mixlr.com, a new live streaming dedicated to the audio only podcaster. With mixlr’s easy to use app, available for both Windows and Mac, you can easily stream your show live to the web while you record it in your studio.

The advantages to live streaming audio only are many in the case of mixlr. Of primary interest to every podcaster should be mixlr’s ability to put your show live into the hands of anyone, anywhere. Mixlr’s live streams can be played on any mobile device with a browser effectively allowing your audience to listen live in the car, at the gym, or just waiting in line. Essentially anywhere your audience is, your show can be too.

Also, streaming audio only allows for your computer to use much less computing power and is much easier on your bandwidth.

For a much more in depth review of mixlr and it’s features which include great embed players for your website and facebook page, check out The Podcasters Studio Episode 048.

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TPS Ep. 048 – Audio Only Live Streaming Via Mixlr And Podcast Myths

Have you ever wanted to live stream your podcast in an audio only player? Finally a solution that caters to audio only podcasters has arrived in the form of mixlr.com. A live streaming, audio only applicationavailable for both PC and Mac.

Live streaming your podcast as you record can be another great way to interact with your audience, allowing them to participate live in chat rooms with you and other audience members.

I have fielded many questions from people who were looking for an audio only live

streaming player to put on their site and now we finally have one. Mixlr.com offers podcasters a simple application that is easy to use, looks great and adds minimal work to your current podcast production setup. You simply point the mixlr app at your audio input source, check your levels and go live.

One of the most powerful features that mixlr brings is the ability to be used with iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, etc). Sites like Ustream.com and other live streaming services which are video based don’t work with iOS devices (the Ustream app only has a fraction of the content available on Ustream). This means that your show can now be live streamed via any device that can browse the web. You can now be in the car with your audience (live) offering your content which is often a much better choice than what’s on traditional radio.

Another great feature is the ability to embed the mixlr player right onto your Facebook Fan Page. Simply put the link to your mixlr page, for any live episode, into the link section and Facebook will embed the mixlr live streaming player right onto the page so that all your “fans” can listen right there on Facebook.

There are many great options that mixlr.com provides to the audio podcaster but the main one is simple, a service designed specifically for audio only and we’ve been waiting for that for a very long time. Browse over and get your account today (before all the good names are taken;)). And don’t forget to friend me when you get there.

Also on this episode I ask my twitter community to share some of their #PodcastMyths. We’ve all heard that “you need an iPod to podcast” or “you can’t get good audio from a USB mic.” These are myths that continue to float around the podcasting community and so we had a little fun and listed some of the most common myths we’re still hearing today and I tell you why they are indeed #PodcastMyths.

Tweet your own podcasting myths to @PodcastHelper and use the hashtag #PodcastMyth.

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PQT – Options for Live Streaming Your Podcast

I talk about the various different online platforms you can use to produce a live stream of your podcast.

Are you interested in letting people watch you live while you record your show? If so then you can use various different sites to accomplish this. Sites such as Ustream, Livestream and Justin.tv are just a few of the options.

I explain how to accomplish this and which sites I like best and use to live stream my own podcast.
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TPS Ep. 024 – Live Streaming Your Podcast

Going live to the internet is as easy as turning on your camera and connecting to any number of great free services. Broadcasting your podcast live adds a good deal of value to your show including live interaction with viewers, instant feedback, audience building, and an overall additional to your new media arsenal.

As long as you’re podcasting why not sign into Ustream.tv, Livestream.com, Justin.tv or any of the many free services that allow you to have a live broadcast studio right inside your own home. It’s a great way to let your viewers/listeners get an intimate look inside your production and ask you questions in real time. As well your audience gets the chance to interact with each other via chat.

On this episode I talk all about my personal favorites when it comes to live streaming web sites, how I use them and why.

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Other Links of Items mentioned in this Episode:
Virtual Video Switchers (allows you to add FX and mutlicam to your live stream productions)

TPS Ep. 003 – Skype for the Podcaster

On this episode of The Podcasters Studio I talk about Skype. What it is and the different ways it can be used.

Special focus is placed on the benefits of using Skype for podcasters. Learn what you will need to start conducting interviews with Skype including gear, software, and additional tips.

Have you ever wanted to record an interview where you and the interviewee were not in the studio together? I will let you know what you need to accomplish this whether you are on a PC or Mac.

Find out all about Skype in this edition of The Podcasters Studio.

Follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/podcasthelper and feel free to ask questions anytime, I love to help.


TPS Ep. 001 – A Welcome to The Podcasters Studio

Hello Podcasters or anyone simply with an interest in podcasting!

This is the first post on this blog site and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what this site is all about.

The Podcasters Studio primary goal is to take you behind the scenes of podcasting. What gear do podcasters use? Where do they record or film their shows? How do they get their show from the studio, which could be as simple as a spare bedroom or as complex as a professional studio, to the web?

This inside look will be accomplished in many ways. There will be blog posts with pictures and diagrams as well as audio and even video! I’ll have video interviews with podcasters and get an inside look at their studios, their lives, and their techniques.

I developed this site because I like to help people learn about my passion, podcasting. I also enjoy producing podcasts and as a result this will also serve as a place to not only read about The Podcasters Studio but to watch as well. The podcast that will compliment this site will be of the same name.

The secondary goal of this site is to share everything that I learn about podcasting with you, the viewer or fellow podcaster. I spend countless hours on the web learning techniques, tips, and tricks about how to produce a podcast and all the elements that surround this emerging media.

The plan is to populate this site with any and all podcasting related material. As I learn something new, I will post it here. When I find a new great tutorial, I’ll make it a new blog post. I’ve also had lots of experience producing podcasts and often gives talks regarding all the techniques you will find here.

I currently work on four different web shows including this one as well as occasionally helping others with their own shows. You can check out all these shows by visiting the “My Web Shows” section located on the right. Enjoy, explore, and contribute!