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Podcast Quick TipsLearn how you can earn money when someone uses your iTunes subscription link to subscribe to your podcast.

Every podcaster should have a link to their podcast in the iTunes store on their website. You can see mine in the upper right hand corner widget area of this site.

It’s important to make it easy for people to find and subscribe to your podcast when they arrive on your website. Often times when people visit your site, if they can’t find what they’re looking for in the first few seconds, they’re gone. Likely you’ve just lost your chance at getting a new listener/viewer for your show. [Read more…]

Earn Money When Someone Subscribes to Your Podcast in iTunes.

iTunesDid you know you can earn money when someone subscribes to your podcast in iTunes?

It’s true, iTunes has an affiliate program. Create icons, banners, text links and more by signing up with the iTunes affiliate program and you can start earning commissions when someone uses your link to buy items on iTunes.

If you’re already sending people to iTunes to subscribe to your podcast, you might as well earn a little money in return if they happen to buy music, apps, or movies while they are there. [Read more…]

How to Get a Sponsor for Your Podcast

There are many ways to make money with your podcast (not to be confused with getting rich). The best of these methods is to obtain a sponsor that works with you exclusively. Often times this will result in more money, more customization, and an overall better experience for your audience. This however is likely the hardest way to monetize your podcast…or is it?

I found this video today by Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know him, he is a wine retailer turned podcaster turned millionaire.  But what I know Gary for most are his insights into new media and his awesome ability to speak and engage an audience. You will definitely see what I mean when you watch this video. He never lacks for energy. The bottom line, when Gary speaks he’s often right and this is one of those times… [Read more…]

TPS Ep. 055 – Podcast Currency: How Your Podcast Pays You Back

You produce a podcast that you make available for free and in fact spend lots of your own money on (if you’re truly invested). So how does your podcast pay you back?

A podcast pays in both tangible and non-tangible ways. In this episode I cover all of the ways I’ve found to make money from your podcast as well as how to see value in your show when you aren’t seeing cash. In a lot of cases, money is not the goal of the podcast producer and even those that have an interest in making money from their show need to understand all of the ways a podcast pays back.

  1. Affiliate Accounts: Quite possibly the easiest way for your podcast to earn real income is to make sure you sign up for affiliate accounts with sites such as Amazon or any other retailer who has products that you are promoting on your show.
  2. Donations: Don’t be embarrassed to ask for donations. It can help offset the cost of producing a podcast and often times you have people in your audience who understand all the hard work you put into producing your podcast. Let them donate.
  3. Ads: There are a hundred different ways to approach getting sponsors. There are network sites like Blubrry.com who will find the sponsors for you or you can go out and get your own. This is often the most difficult way to get income from your show but it can also be the most lucrative.
  4. Premium Content: It’s possible to make your back catalog or even your entire show pay-for-content. Libsyn.com now offers a service that will allow you to determine how much of your feed is premium.

Non-tangible Returns on Your Podcast

  1. Subscribers: Every new subscriber is cash in the bank for a podcast. In podcasting, it’s all about the audience.
  2. Email List: If someone is willing to give you their email, consider that as good or better than a donation. Email’s can be used to reach your audience from now until they unsubscribe so it’s a pretty big return when your audience likes you enough to give you access to their email inbox. Treat it wisely. This could be your only link to your audience should something go wrong with your hosting, podcatcher, etc.
  3. Reviews, Comments, Social Sharing: Anytime someone gives you a review on iTunes, a comment on your site, a Like on Facebook or any other feedback, you’ve been paid. These help increase your visibility in search engines be it Google or iTunes or wherever else people can find your show.
  4. Emails and Voice Feedback: When people leave you feedback or ask questions, this is content you can use to power your show. Including your listeners in the content of your episodes increases their investment in your podcast as well as helps you create content which can be a challenge after producing a lot of episodes.
  5. Word Of Mouth: Just as it reads. When people tell their peers, you win. More subscribers leads to more podcast currency.
  6. Friendship! Podcasting creates amazing relationships and often times that’s it’s best reward.
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How To Use WordPress and Feedburner to Create a Podcast Ready RSS Feed (I NO Longer Recommend Using FeedBurner)

UPDATE: I no longer recommend the use of FeedBurner. It’s old tech that easily breaks and is no longer necessary IMO. To create a valid, podcast ready RSS feed, my recommendation is to use Libsyn.com or host with blurry.com and use the PowerPress plugin with WordPress. If for some reason you find yourself having to use FeedBurner, maybe you are using WordPress.com for your website, then this tutorial will help with that.

Best viewed in full screen mode. Press play then select 720p HD version in the bottom right of the video player and then view full screen.

In this tutorial I show you how to create a podcast ready RSS feed using either wordpress.com or your own installation of wordpress. I combine the power of wordpress and its ability to create as many feeds as you want, along with Feedburner to make a valid RSS feed for your podcast.

Part 2

Using WordPress and Feedburner to feed your podcast allows you a lot of control over what is in your feed and how your feed will appear on podcast directories such as itunes, Zune, Miro and anywhere else you submit your podcast.