TPS 076: Random Thoughts on Recording Audio

I try a new way of recording my podcast (mic to Fethead to H4n, no mixer) and have a totally off-the-cuff episode filled with other thoughts about recording audio. In other words… I go off “script.”

The Podcasters' Studio

I also talk about SD vs HD video hosting and production. In my opinion, there is no reason to produce video in anything other than HD. You can always fall back to SD if you need it but you can never go from SD to HD. Future proof your productions by shooting in HD and then compress that file into whatever size you need. [Read more…]

TPS 075: Podcasting Hurdles – Getting Past Common Barries to Starting a Podcast

What were the largest hurdles you had to overcome when starting a podcast?


Starting anything can be tough. The first sentence of a school paper, an about page on your blog, show notes for your podcast episode, these are all hard things to start but once you do you’re off and running.

A podcast is no different. Once you get past that initial barrier, whatever that happens to be in your case, then you gain momentum and the next thing you know you’re on episode twenty. [Read more…]

TPS 070 – Show intros, Zoom H4n and the Top Podcast Directories

I recently spoke on the topic of podcasting at Social Media Week D.C. (#SMWDC) and it presented some great opportunities to use gear that I don’t always use and speak to people face to face instead of from behind the mic. This of course led to some insights that are perfect for podcasters.

Public speaking introduces an added element of excitement, nervousness and adrenaline that you might also experience the first few times you sit down to a microphone to record your podcast. In each scenario it’s a good idea to remind yourself to slow down. Even after recording hundreds of podcasts episodes, I still find myself having to slow down when speaking in public. [Read more…]

TPS Ep. 065 – Pro Mics into an H4n, Reducing Hiss, Hardware Processing, and Media Hosting

First order of business is Zune. It appears that links to my podcast and everyone else for that matter, are broken. That’s because is gone. This means that when you click your old link to Zune (if you had one on your site) you are now taken to

Zune is gone and so is your podcast listing on the web. Apparently the name Zune is no longer in play either. It’s podcast on Windows Mobile or something typically Microsoft (unfriendly). [Read more…]

TPS Ep. 050 – Back to Podcasting Basics (Part 1 of 2)

Learn the basics of podcasting from how to decide on a topic to choosing gear, software and hosting for your website and media.

You’ve decided you want to start your own podcast and now you need to know how to proceed. In this episode we go back to the beginning and walk you through the basic elements needed to create a podcast.Shure SM58 microphone

Your first step is to decide on a topic. Pick something you know well and love to talk about to no end. This will help to keep you motivated over the period of many episodes.

Are you going to produce an audio only show or a video podcast? In both cases you’ll need gear that allows you to capture, edit and compress your digital media into a podcast friendly format. The basic gear for an audio podcast is a microphone (I recommend a dynamic mic), a mixer and some headphones. I’ve made the basic assumption that you already have a computer.

For video, at a minimum, you’ll need a video camera and some editing software. However I highly recommend including an external microphone that plugs into your camera. Good audio, even in video podcasting, is as or more important than the image you are capturing.

Finally you’ll want to purchase some basic hosting for a website and your media files.

Make sure to listen to part two of the basics of podcasting (episode 52) where you’ll learn about creating a graphic identity that represent your show, creating a future proofed RSS feed for submitting across the web, and how to get your podcast listed in podcast directories such as iTunes.

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TPS Ep. 045 – Libsyn Launches a New Monetization Model for Podcasters – An Interview with Rob Walch

Wizzard Media recently announced that they are implementing a new program that will allow podcast producers, with any account, to monetize their content. A basic Libsyn account can be purchased for as little as five dollars a month which would give you access to the subscription service.

Each Libsyn account will have the option to create a subscription based webpage on which a producer can add bonus content (audio, video, etc.), deliver their back catalog, or write premium blog posts. The decision on exactly how to monetize the content is completely up to the individual producer. You also get to decide how much or how little you want to charge for access to your premium content.

Revenue from subscriptions will be split 60-20-20. Sixty percent of the profit will go to the podcast producer with Libsyn and MediaPass getting the additional fourty percent split between them. Partnering with Wizzard/Libsyn to deliver your content in this manner saves you the trouble of setting this up on your own and managing subscriptions.

While this is not paid access to your feed, you can integrate this model with your current podcast corresponding feed by limiting the number of free episodes you keep in your public catalog. For example, if you have 100 episodes, you can make the most recent 50 episodes available for free via iTunes or any other podcatcher. This is done by limiting the number of <items> that show up in your feed.

New subscribers could then access all previous episodes (1-50) by subscribing to your premium page (you set the price) at This is just one way to integrate a paid model into your podcast.

This is another great opportunity for podcasters to be able to start seeing profits from their efforts. If you want to get started, contact Rob Walch at or and express your interest in getting started with a subscription model for your podcast.

Links mentioned on this episode
Wizzard press release
Libsyn (Liberated Syndication)
MediaPass (Rob’s podcast and resource page for podcasters)

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TPS Ep. 044 – Media Kits and A New Sponsorship Opportunity for Your Podcast


Learn how to start preparing your podcast’s media kit and about a new affiliate sponsorship opportunity from

I start off by answering a question from Sean who wants to know how he can improve the audio for his screencasts? He is currently using a headset but I talk about some different options that he can upgrade to and I have a surprise option for him that will work for free.

This episode takes a look at two different ways to start guiding your show towards earning income. Mike from Rock’n the Mike Podcast calls in to ask about building a media kit and what to do when approached by sponsors.

I answer his questions and give you some insight into how to start building your own media kit which will enable you to approach sponsors you might be interested in or provide those sponsors interested in you with valuable information about your show.

After that I talk about a new sponsorship opportiunity that is available to any podcaster who applies to and is accepted into the affiliate program. This program gives you complete control over how much promotion you want to include in your show and offers a healthy return just for getting your listeners to sign up for a free trial.

Steve from Waves of Tech gets on the mic with me for a interview all about his role in talking Audible into providing this sponsorship opportunity to the independent podcaster and we discuss the plusses and minuses of being part of this program and placing an ad into your show.

Links from this episode
Audible Affiliate program

TPS Ep. 008 – An Interview with Susan Bratton of the Personal Life Media Podcasting Network

Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media

Susan Bratton is co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media. She also hosts her own wildly successful podcast called DishyMix.

Personal Life Media is a podcast network consisting of  40 different podcasts. Each podcast is unique but all are tied into a common theme, your personal life. As well, the network produces information products that can expand and help you produce your best podcast episodes.

Susan is a super star in new media culture and has many years of experience interacting with the people who move media in the internet age.

Find out all about Susan and Personal Life Media in this interview. Learn how her newest information product, Talk Show Tips, can help you become a better interviewer. 

Learn what it takes to run a 40 show podcasting network, be the vice-chairman of the Association for Downloadable Media (an organization focused on podcasters) and hear all about how she handles a career in new media. 

Susan also provides a powerful tip to podcasters who want to ask unique and interesting questions to their interviewees. All this and more on this episode of The Podcasters Studio.

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